Detours: Sometimes the Wrong Way can be the Right Way by Adam Stevens

8146I55uZ+L._SL1500_Title: Detours: Sometimes the Wrong Way can be the Right Way
Series: Moments in Time 02
Author: Adam Stevens
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (228 pages)
Publisher: Equal Hearts Publishing House (December 24th, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Blurb: Moments in Time: It is never too late to start over

Moments in Time: It is never too late to start over is the second in a series that represents an evolution of explosive sexual discovery, from the earliest childhood memories though adulthood.

Each chapter is a continuing chronological examination of brief moments in time that have shaped and developed the character, culminating into a circular and repeating series of events revolving around sexual discovery, the search for love, and the loss associated with love, and allowing yourself to deviate from the path set before us.

We begin with George ready to commit suicide. He was in so much pain, and causing pain for so many, the easiest way to end that pain was to end his life. After just awaking from a dream that outlined his purpose, and provided a path to follow, he meets Warren, and everything seems to fall into place with someone to walk that path with.

This is not your ordinary fictional gay romance novel. It is the second in a series intended to allow you to reflect on the characters development, and potentially relate to the characters in each chapter by briefly experiencing these moments in time personally. You will find graphically intense sexual scenes in each chapter. Please note the warning that this book does graphically explore gay male sexual encounters. It is intended for a mature adult audience, and not intended for minors.

You can determine for yourself, as you read each chapter, which character you relate to the most, and how they affect you, on more than an entertainment opportunity level. I can promise you entertainment, based on relevance. It is the author’s intention to extend an invitation to each reader to share their opinion on which characters they would like to see featured in future stories at the conclusion of the Moments in Time series.

I hope you enjoy Moments in Time: It is never too late to start over.


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Reviewer: Prime

Review: Like Moments in Time: It’s Never too Late to Start Over, this is a powerful book to read. This is book two of the Moments in Time series and is absolutely vital that you read book one before starting book two. With this one, we pick up towards the end of the events of book one. We got a brief account of events by Georgie (main character and narrator) when he decided that it was his destiny to become a teacher overseas, but now we actually get more details. In fact, the first few chapters are a revision and extension of the ending of book one.

Again, like the first book, I really needed to slow down to take in the details. However, at the same time I found that I needed a break between the two books. It’s not because there was anything bad about the story or the writing, it is simply an intense book. Then again, what can one expect when an author has essentially written a detailed memoir?

The sex scenes are hot, and there are plenty of them. To be honest, this is strictly my personal opinion, but I get bored when I have to read about a character’s various flings and getting off in the shower or hooking up with numerous random guys. And that would be a minor reason why I needed to take time away from Georgie’s story. In saying that, though, each event chronicled is important and by the end of the book, we find out how Georgie has learnt from his experiences.

I really enjoyed this and I don’t want to be too judgemental to the characters, particularly Georgie and Warren, even if Warren isn’t featured very often. I don’t want to say anything more because I feel the slightest word will give away the entire plot and ruin the story. All I will say is this: the plot is excellent, as is the character development. After all, this story is about growth and self-discovery rather than romance. Yet, it feels like as in real life, Georgie often finds himself making the same mistakes. I’m torn as to if I like or dislike Georgie – he is a very realistic character who knows that the bad that has happened in his life is a direct result of his actions.

I guess I will just be left hanging until the third instalment of the series, which according to Adam Stevens’ blog, is all from Warren’s perspective. After two books on Georgie, I am seriously very keen to read this next one. Reading Georgie’s story I feel that he was the one pushing, but again, I think I need to read book three to get a better idea. The trouble with first person it’s all one-sided. And Georgie makes no excuses for his faults.

Interestingly, what issues I found myself having with the story, is brought up in the final chapters as Georgie wraps his story up, leaving it open for Warren to answer next. I’m really hoping for a satisfying conclusion no matter what the outcome because this one has left me mentally berating Georgie.

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