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Hi guys, we have Kelly Clemmons popping in with their upcoming release Druids Lodge, Kelly is letting us have a peek at a new tasty excerpt! So check out the post and enjoy! <3 ~Pixie~ 

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Druids Lodge


Kelly Clemmons

What lurks in Dartmoor?

After his father’s death, Finn Darcy returns to his ancestral home to become chief of his werecat clan. The mysterious Druids Lodge lies nestled in the shadows of Dartmoor National Park, where the legendary Beast of Dartmoor, a large panther, roams the woods and moors.

Finn cannot take his place at the head of the clan before he claims his mate, Luke Devlin, the man he marked while still a child. Feeling he was deceived at the start of their relationship, Luke refuses to accept his fate. He bides his time, determined to escape when the opportunity presents itself before Finn’s jealous and possessive dual nature destroys everything they have left.

But then werecats and their mates start disappearing, and Finn is adamant his mate must be protected at all costs. Events take a grim turn when Finn is abducted and forced to fight for his life. Luke must choose between his chance at freedom or saving Finn.

Release date: 2nd May 2016

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“I made a mistake, and in revenge, your father took you from me.”

“Mistake, revenge? What the fuck are you talking about?” Luke clenched his fist. “You make it sound like I belonged to you. If you think I’m some part of your inheritance, some kind of servant to you or this place, you’re wrong. Newsflash: you don’t own me,” he spat out in anger.

Finn surged to his feet sending his chair crashing to the floor. In one powerful move, Finn hauled him up by his T-shirt. Washed too many times, the thin fabric ripped. Finn took full advantage and pulled Luke against him.

“It’s time the walls came down. You need to remember.” Finn growled, and his brown eyes flashed amber. Startled, Luke attempted to step back, but Finn’s hold made it impossible. “This is what I’m talking about.” Finn grabbed a handful of Luke’s short hair, then lowered his head and subjected him to a bruising kiss.

“No!” Luke shoved Finn off him. He touched his lips, tender from the brutal kiss. He looked down at his chest. The torn T-shirt revealed his scars, the three long stripes red, swollen, and as painful as that night so long ago. Heat built and a new fever overtook him. “What the hell did you do to me?” Long-forgotten images and memories assaulted his overtaxed mind. His eyes rolled back as he collapsed.

Luke recalled Finn’s thirteenth birthday. For days all Finn did was talk about his upcoming birthday surprise. He remembered his jealousy and hurt when Finn told him he was too little to go with him, but someday they would share a very special secret.

That night he snuck from the cottage and followed Henry and Finn. They stopped near the tree line. Luke climbed on the rocks to get a better view. He peered over the edge to look for Finn. Henry had settled on the rocks below him, hunched and waiting. The night dragged, and the moon rode high in the sky overhead, well past his bedtime. He yawned and closed his eyes for a moment.

He woke to an ungodly sound, then watched in terror as a huge black cat stalked his prey and easily took the deer down. He heard the gurgle of blood, watched the death throes of the young buck. With its gaping jaws, the cat took the deer by the throat and dragged it to the old oak he and Finn had climbed many times over the years. With no effort the huge cat pulled the carcass into the tree.

Luke lost his grasp on the rocks and alerted man and beast to his presence. He screamed and scrambled to get away. Henry called out his name. Frightened, Luke ran toward him.

“Where’s Finn?” he cried out, afraid for his friend.

Henry begged him to be still and quiet. The cat turned and saw him. Luke broke free of Henry’s grasp. Terrified, he ran, but the beast easily closed the distance. Tears blurred his vision, and he stumbled and fell. Luke raised his arm to cover his face. A huge paw lifted, and raked across his chest before Henry rushed to his rescue.

Henry cradled him in his arms. Covered in blood, his chest burned. He cried and begged for his dad. A hand stroked his hair. He glanced at Finn, naked and bloody beside Henry, a strange look in his eyes. They weren’t alone. A group of men circled the threesome, some yelling, others whispering.

“Give me the boy, Henry,” Dr. Smith ordered. Despite the unbearable pain, he clung to Henry.

“There is nothing you can do for him out here, Nate. Can’t you see he’s terrified? You’ll need to pull out every medical trick you know to keep him alive once we get to the lodge. We can’t risk taking him to a hospital. Someone get a vehicle,” Henry commanded.

When they reached the Land Rover, someone wrapped Finn in a blanket. As they rode back to the lodge, Finn gently wiped away Luke’s tears. “You’ll be all right, Luke, I promise,” Finn repeated as he peppered Luke’s forehead with kisses. He tightened his small hand around Luke’s.

His father was pacing wildly when they entered the cottage. John Devlin’s blue eyes raged with anger as he looked between his son, Henry, and Finn. Then he rushed across the room. With a sharp backhand, he knocked Finn to the floor. Finn hissed, and his eyes turned amber. Henry glared at Finn.

“Henry Darcy, you swore an oath to me that Luke would never be part of this!” John pointed at Finn. “Your little abomination has destroyed my boy. Give me my son, you bastard, and get the fuck out!” John wrestled him from Henry’s arms.

“Finn! Don’t leave me!” Luke screamed hysterically as his father carried him to his room.

Dr. Smith cleaned the wounds and stitched them. Days passed. He heard the arguments and curses, prayers and drunken rants. Someone kept vigil at his side. For long periods he slept. The burn intensified each day.

“He has the fever,” Dr. Smith confirmed. “There’s nothing you can do about it now, John.”

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About Kelly

Kelly Clemmons author picKelly Clemmons is the pen name of Lorraine Kelly and C.L. Clemmons. They met in an online fan chatroom and discovered they shared a mutual love for all things books. Thanks to messenger and Skype they conspire almost daily. The seven hour time difference has led to many late night and pre-dawn writing sessions. Writing has been their therapy through the ups and downs life has thrown at them. Their stories reflect very human struggles with the promise of better days ahead. 

Lorraine was born and raised in Wiltshire, England surround by beautiful countryside and ancient history. She has a love of books and her only criteria when choosing a book is there must be a satisfactory ending, and she has been known to read the last few pages to make sure.

C.L. was born and raised in Colorado. She served a tour in the Army and has lived in Tennessee and Germany before returning to her hometown. She currently lives in a small historic downtown apartment overlooking the city library with her cat, Ghost. 

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