Candy Land by Lissa Kasey

Lissa Kasey - Candy Land Cover sTitle: Candy Land

Series: Hidden Gem 03

Author: Lissa Kasey

Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Ménage

Length: Novel (274pgs)

ISBN: 978-1-63477-167-2

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (25th April 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate – High

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Cameron “Candy” Michelson Jr. doesn’t have time for distractions. He’s too busy restructuring the red-light district into an adult playland for City M and running the Hidden Gem. But when his companion, Avery “Ivy” Laurent, grows closer to Jack, an investigator for the Institute of Scientific Study, Candy can’t hide his jealousy. Nor his own interest in Jack.

Ivy is crazy about Jack, but he’s also in love with Candy. Ideally, Ivy longs for all three of them to be together, but between Jack’s nonexistent libido and Candy’s supercharged needs, Ivy isn’t sure how to make it work.

When Jack gets called in to help the City M police department investigate a series of violently murdered companions, both Candy and Ivy brace for trouble. But nothing prepares them for Candy becoming the prime suspect.

In a future landscape of corrupt government officials, brutal BDSM crimes, and a host of dark creatures, Candy, Ivy, and Jack must work together to find the killer, save themselves—and learn how to trust each other.

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Review: This book is part of a series and must be read in order.

Candy is being buried with responsibility as he takes over the Hidden Gem, he micro manages and has little time for his friends and when he notices that Ivy is growing closer to Jack he gets jealous, but is he jealous of Jack or Ivy? Ivy has grown to love both Jack and Candy but can’t think of a way to get the two men together, with Jack’s lack of sexual interest and Candy’s near satyriasis needs Ivy doesn’t know if they would ever find a middle ground. Jack cares for both Ivy and Candy and is comfortable with Ivy’s sweetness and gentle caring but Candy’s aggressive needs scare the hell out of him. But when Candy is thrust into the middle of a murder investigation both Ivy and Jack pull together to protect the man they love.

We re-join the guys at Hidden Gem with a dazzling story that is so much more than the blurb hints at. We are able to catch up with the guys from the previous Hidden Gem books, Shane & Aki and Paris & Rain, and they are woven into the story beautifully, they enhance and give the story an extra development that takes Candy’s, Jack’s and Ivy’s story into a whole new realm.  

Candy, Ivy and Jack are just perfect characters, we’ve met them in previous Hidden Gem stories and they shine as their own story unfolds. Candy has hidden scars just like Jack and Ivy, and as we delve into the story we get a glimpse at each man’s hidden pain. We see the vulnerability of each man and we root for them to find their way to each other. But as amazing as their relationship is the storyline is astoundingly fantastic!

OMG! I LOVED THIS STORY! We are pulled into this story as Jack is called in to help investigate the brutal murders of companions, suspicion falls on Candy as a Dom and then holy cow there’s a huge massive twist and a whole new storyline opens up, it’s just fantastic! I’m not even gonna hint at what happens next only to say that Paris and Rain’s problems in Cardinal Sin have just got a whole lot more complicated.

Yep that’s it guys, this is a story that I will recommend wholeheartedly to fantasy lovers everywhere, it’s a true work of art and Lissa Kasey has shown that she is a master of understated smack you in the face twists. She wrote this story in such a way that while I was anticipating a troubling time as Candy and his friends proved his innocence that I couldn’t, not in a million years, even imagine what was coming next. Because she was secretly plotting to shock the hell out of us with a twist so amazing that I was gobsmacked and devastated and eager for more.

I recommend Candy Land to those who love mismatched men finding love, paranormal and fantasy stories that still manage to amaze, a storyline that grips you by the throat and refuses to let go and an ending so good that you hope there will still be more to come.

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