Duet by Eden Winters

DuetLGTitle: Duet

Author: Eden Winters

Genre: Historical (1758), Paranormal, England, Scotland

Length: Novel (200pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (18th February 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: A conqueror’s decree can’t separate Aillil Callaghan from his Scottish heritage. He wears his clan’s forbidden plaid with pride, awaiting the day he becomes Laird, restores his family’s name, and fights to free Scotland from English tyranny. An Englishman in his home? Abomination! Yet the tutor his father engaged for Aillil’s younger brothers may have something to teach the Callaghan heir as well.

Violinist and scholar Malcolm Byerly fled Kent in fear, seeking nothing more than a quiet post, eager minds to teach, and for no one to learn his secrets. He didn’t count on his charges’ English-hating barbarian of an older brother, or on red-and-green tartan concealing a kindred soul. A shared love of music breaks down the barriers between two worlds.

Aillil’s father threatens their love, but a far more dangerous enemy tears them apart. They vanish into legend.

Two centuries later, concert violinist Billy Byerly arrives at Castle Callaghan—and feels strangely at home. Legends speak of a Lost Laird who haunts the fortress in wait of his lover’s return. Billy doesn’t believe in legends, ghosts, or love that outlasts life.

But the Lost Laird knows his own.

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Review: This story is a re-release of the original 2010 Torquere Press edition. Malcolm is a teacher who is looking for a way out of his present position after two of his fellow teachers were given ‘righteous justice’ after being caught at a ‘molly house’.  Given the opportunity to teach in Scotland he snaps up the offer and discovers a love that will follow him through time. Aillil hates all that is English and having an English teacher for his younger brothers is something he rails at. But, getting to know the young man has him falling for his enemy. Fate intervenes and Aillil swears to wait for all eternity if he has to for his beloved Mael Caluim. Over two hundred years later Billy sets foot in Scotland and the legend of the Lost Laird comes to life, with the Callaghan heir setting plans in motion to reunite the two lost lovers.

This is a story that is a story of two parts, we have the first half where Aillil and Malcolm first meet, fall in love and then get torn apart. Then, we have the second half where Billy is drawn to various places in Scotland as his soul is called to Aillil; to release Aillil’s essence from its lonely existence and claim his love. Eden Winters has created a story that takes a strong deep love through the years and that sends shivers down your spine every time Malcolm’s soul touches Scottish soil and Aillil’s music tries to call him home.

The historical part of this story is wonderful. Malcolm tears through all of Aillil’s defenses with his gentle, fierce loving nature and Aillil tearing through Malcolm’s fears with his gentle soul beneath a fierce Scottish exterior. The latter part of the story is set in the present day and is about Billy’s soul finding what he didn’t even realize was lost, the reuniting of lovers first through music and then, with the help of the Druids, the flesh. This is a strong storyline and the characters are wonderful. I loved the way that characters from the historical part of the story popped up in the present day in new incarnations. The historical part of the story is brilliantly done and while the present day was good as well, it didn’t carry the emotional impact that the first half did.

I have to recommend this to those who adore historicals, a Scotsman and Englishman falling in love, reuniting parted lovers, a haunting love story and a very happy ending.


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