Elements of Retrofit by N.R. Walker

17901475Title: Elements of Retrofit

Series: Thomas Elkin Book #1

Author: N.R. Walker
Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (89 pages)

Publisher: Total-E-Bound (October 4th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:

Blurb: Book one in the Thomas Elkin series.

Even the strongest of buildings start out as plans on paper, and every architect knows that sometimes plans need to change. Sometimes, these lessons are learned on the job.

A successful New York architect, Thomas Elkin almost has it all. Coming out as gay and ending his marriage before his fortieth birthday, he needed to start living his life. Now, four years later, with his relationship with his son back on track, and after a few short-lived romances, this esteemed traditional draftsman thought he knew everything about architecture, about life.

Cooper Jones, twenty-two years old, is about to take the architect world by storm. Talented, professional, driven, and completely infuriating, Cooper is the definition of Generation Y.

Starting an internship working with Thomas, Cooper is about to knock Tom’s world off its axis. Tom can teach Cooper about the industry, but Cooper is about to teach Tom a few things about life.

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Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: What a fun chase and a slow build between newly single Thomas Elkin and intern Cooper Jones. Tomas has been closeted for his entire adult life, married, then divorced with a grown son and has a successful career as an architect. After the big D, he’s had his flings and one-offs, but can’t control his newfound desire for his intern of all people! And to top it off, his new attraction is one of his son’s best friends from school. Thankfully, they are able to keep it professional in the workplace, even though the secretary sees right through them! This delightful story is full of interesting architectural design facts, and a great tease between the two MC’s. I love it when they finally snap and the floodgates open! Then it’s a sexual marathon that shows the two are very compatible! It’s a fun read, and Cooper Jones is definitely strong enough to hold his own against the experienced and talented Thomas Elkin. I love it that Cooper doesn’t let the experienced and controlling Thomas take over. He keeps the reins of his own career and life, while still driving new passion into Thomas’. I look forward to finding out what is in store for this dynamic duo next!