Face the Music by Dany Sirene

Title: Face the Music

Series: Time Is Eternity

Author: Dany Sirene

Genre: Time-Travel (1995)

Length: Novella (60pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (1st June 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Tyler thinks making out on stage with his bandmate is just a publicity stunt—until his father cancels his allowance and he’s forced to take a real job. Working in a record store feels plebian enough, but when Tyler wakes up nearly twenty years in the past, he finds that working in that same record store seventeen years ago is a whole different scene. His one bright spot is a chance to be in a band with a guy named Dylan—but Dylan’s problems with the 1995 music scene aren’t the only obstacles in their way.

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Review: Tyler is surprised when his band mate kisses him at the end of a gig. But, thinks it is just the price of the fame to come. Unfortunately, his father doesn’t see it that way and Tyler now finds himself with a job and complaining to his colleague. He wakes the next morning in 1995 and learns a few life lessons.

A cute novella where a teenager learns that music isn’t everything. Tyler is obsessed with becoming a rock star, but things start to fall apart after his band mate kisses him on stage. Now, he has to work, doesn’t know what’s happening with his band and his bestmate isn’t talking to him. When he wakes up one morning he finds himself in 1995. His parents are basically the same and they now live in Chicago and he finds he has a job in a music store. Then he meets Dylan, band leader and song writer and the one man who will change his world.

This story is quite well written and takes us back in time to 1995 and reminding us of what we now take for granted, remember tapes? Having to find pay phones to make a call when we were out? The clothes we used to wear? , yeah, there are blackmail photo’s out there somewhere!! So on with the book. Tyler just thinks of music and becoming a rock star, but when he goes back in time he learns that there are more important things in life. Tyler and Dylan’s relationship does progress quickly and it is touching how Tyler behaves with Dylan when he hears Dylan’s tale of woe.

This one I will recommend to those who want a blast from the past (and if you’re too young, then you don’t know what you missed), hot sex, growing up and facing the truth and an ending that could be a beginning.


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