Faire Fugitive by Madeleine Ribbon

Madeleine Ribbon faire fugitiveTitle:  Faire Fugitive

Author: Madeleine Ribbon

Genre:   M/M LGBT, Fantasy & Paranormal

Length:  Novel (201pgs)

Publisher:  Loose ID (June 25th 2013)

Heat Level:  Moderate  Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Blurb:   Devin visits the Renaissance Faire with one goal in mind: to pickpocket enough money for another cross-country dash. His would-be killer is on his tail again, and he needs to get the hell out of town. Once inside the gates, he finds himself under the scrutiny of Ezra, the handsome bartender. But Devin is on a mission, and while he relieves the costumed masses of their money, he also steals a magical amulet from a seemingly-abandoned jewelry case.

An amulet that happens to be Ezra’s.

Devin’s hunter corners him before he can skip town, but Devin escapes with his life and a nasty bullet wound to one arm. He passes out in his car. When he regains consciousness, he finds himself at the mercy of the man he’d stolen from. A man interested in a lot more than the return of his property…

Product Link:  http://www.loose-id.com/faire-fugitive.html

Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Devin is a small time criminal on the run from his former friend who is currently trying to kill him. He visits the local Ren Faire with one goal in mind, to pick pocket enough money to leave town and escape before he winds up dead. Between the homophobe Devin calls out and the sexy bartender whose eyes seem to follow him everywhere, Devin is frazzled and calls it a day. His guard is down and Max catches up with him, but the amulet he stole at the faire disguises and protects him, almost.

Shot, broke and scared, Devin makes his way back to the Ren faire and passes out. He awakes and looks into those eyes, the ones that were boring a hole into him yesterday and following him around the faire. Ezra is not just a bartender, he made the amulet that saved Devin’s life. When Devin attempts to return the amulet Ezra won’t have it, he says the amulet chooses who it belongs to. What Ezra wants from Devin is something far more valuable, he wants his love.

The faire takes Devin in so he’s now protected and he begins an unconventional affair with Ezra. Not thinking the relationship will last, he’ll heal and be on his way, Devin requests no actual sex. But there is more to love than just sex and Ezra takes pleasure in showing Devin just what they are. It made the story more endearing that these two fell in love before they actually went all the way, they had a LOT of fun doing everything but the actual act though, I assure you. Right about the time Devin starts to feel safe at the faire and with Ezra, Max shows up to finish what he started. Will Ezra be able to protect his new lover and take him back to his world when the faire ends? Or will he loose Devin before he’s even completely had him?

The story started out a little disjointed and confusing, like the author was trying too hard to make Devin a likeable character. He was obviously a victim of life and circumstance so the confrontation with the jerk at the faire was drawn out and overkill in my opinion. Once you get past the setup and Devin comes back to the faire the story flows better. What I liked best about this book aside from the steamy sex scenes between the two ML, was the brief glimpses of the magic, amulets and jewelry created and its purpose.

A fun rainy day read, if you can give the story time to get past the start it may well be worth your time.

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