Fated for Forever by Alanea Alder

18627859Title: Fated for Forever

Series:   Kindred of Arcadia 03

Author: Alanea Alder

Genre: Contemporary/Paranormal

Length:   Novel (180 pages)

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc., October 2013

Heat Level:   Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer:   Eli (Mandingo)

Blurb:  Ashby Fairfax has always looked for love in the wrong places. His last attempt left him running from an abusive boyfriend. Since coming to Arkadia, life has been great. He finally has the family he has always craved. Only one thing is missing, his mate. But how can a small-town fox shifter be mated to a vampire prince? Prince Gabriel has led his people through the ages and into the twenty-first century. He is on the verge of losing his soul when he catches the scent of what may be his mate. Once Ashby is confirmed as his, it seems their troubles begin.  Someone is after Ashby. Gabriel’s entire coven rallies around their new prince and for the first time in his existence, Gabriel experiences bone-numbing fear. Can he find the strength to send Ashby to Arkadia to ensure his safety? And will he be able to eliminate the threat before he loses his reason for living?

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Review: And these are the kind of series books I like. Ones that can stand alone, but that give the reader enough information so that all the secondary characters make sense within the context of the current story. This glimpse into the lives of the secondary characters often make a reader want to read the other stories – great author strategy.

I am endlessly fascinated by the rules that authors come up with for paranormals.  Most of us were raised with basic vampire and werewolf stories. However, authors in the paranormal genre have played with the rules by creating new norms and archetypes.   As such, writers have been able to create endless plotlines of love between paranormals.  At the heart of many paranormal love stories is the theme of love overcoming prejudice and opposites attracting as the key conflict and crisis.  This story is no different. A fennec fox shifter who represents the small quintessential twink mated to the world’s oldest vampire, the larger more powerful dominant partner.  In this story, however, the strength of the smaller man is really the key to the couples HEA.  It is he who must find his inner strength to save his immortal lover’s humanity and ultimately the coven. In doing so, the final theme of acceptance and inclusion is achieved. The themes of love, friendship and that you create the family that is important to you, is really what makes this book heart warming.  And of course, there are hot men, lots of monkey sex and you couldn’t have a paranormal story without there being the bad guys who have to be taken down by any means necessary, so that the main characters can battle their way back to each other and a life of eternal bliss.

One thought on “Fated for Forever by Alanea Alder

  1. Even though this book is about ashby a fox shifter and gabriel a vampire prince.it shows what a person can do for there loved one. It also shows that you do not have to be the biggest badass to get the job done. Ashby finds his own strenght to protect gabriel and his coven when the need is there.also the love that ashby and gabriel share for one another is awesome. Starting with the first book you see love family and the special bond starting to form with all the caracthers. And in all great books you have the wonderful sex and the dumbass bad guys. So they fight so they can have another day with there family and friends.

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