Fighting for Survival by Serena Yates

FightingForSurvivalLGTitle:Fighting for Survival

Series: Modern Battles, #3)

Author:Serena Yates

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Length: Novel (210 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (January 17th, 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: Dr. Alastair Burrows decides to take a stand after years of escalating abuse by his husband, Cedric Perkins, when he stops Alastair from visiting his brother Grayson after a serious car accident. A few weeks later, Alastair finally escapes his guards, sues for divorce, and begins to openly question Cedric and the pharmaceutical company he runs. As a medical researcher working for Biomedical Inc., Alastair witnessed plenty of dubious practices but had no say. Now he takes a new job with EDT, a company fighting for ethical drug testing, planning to expose Biomedical.

Reinaldo Valverde, intent on stopping drug trafficking, suspects Biomedical is in league with Colombian drug lords. Unable to infiltrate Biomedical, he goes undercover at EDT, hoping to find some leads in their database. Reinaldo meets Alastair and discovers the handsome doctor is also after Biomedical. Reinaldo keeps quiet about his mission, but as Alastair gets closer to the truth, Reinaldo gets closer to Alastair. When they discover Biomedical’s illegal research labs, EDT sends both men on a recognizance mission to Colombia and Brazil.

Lies are revealed, disaster strikes, and they are stranded in the Amazon jungle, facing a fight for survival they cannot afford to lose.

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Review: This is book three in the Modern Battles series, but stands alone pretty well.   This is Alistair Burrow’s story. He is Grayson’s brother. In Grayson’s story, Alistair wasn’t able to make it back to England due to personal issues with his possessive husband, Cedric. In book two Cedric’s company was mentioned in a plot to undermine Haldor and Danny and get involved in the children’s hospital funding.

This book goes in an entirely new direction.  There is lots of intrigue, mystery, espionage, and suspense.  Move over Grayson. I think Alistair replaced you as my favourite character in this series.

Alistair is a research doctor. He comes off as meek and mild-mannered, but throughout the story we see him grow and become stronger, not cower down and accept his abuse.  Reinaldo is your basic secret agent guy, but I loved him. He takes his job to protect Alistair and find out about Biomedical’s drug trafficking very seriously. I would have liked to seen a little more of Cedric but I think him being evil and controlling came across pretty well.

If you like, a story full of intrigue, secret agents, and hot medical researchers, surviving in the rainforest, natives, and a sweet, spicy romance this is for you.