Finding Home by Diana DeRicci

91zU1No4RxL._SL1500_Title: Finding Home

Series:  Jasper, #3

Author: Diana DeRicci

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (145 pages)

Publisher:Purple Sword Publications (September 25th 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:Sometimes that imaginary line in the sand is the only thing stopping you from loving.

Parker is homeless. He’s hot, tired, hungry, and thirsty. He has never expected miracles in his short life. They don’t happen to him. When he’s picked up on the side of the road by a well-meaning grandfather, he’s driven to Jasper. Another small town on another long stretch of highway. One that would be nothing but a place to get a meal with the twenty he reluctantly accepts from the compassionate driver.

Ian can well remember the sight of his niece that long ago morning Caleb brought her shivering, terrified, and homeless to his door. Unable to leave the young man, he offers the first kindnesses Parker will have known in more than three years.

Through Ian, Caleb, and their family, Parker regains his dignity, and his ambition to reach goals taken from him. It’s a slow process for him because trust doesn’t happen overnight. But by the time he’s found a family, love, and dreams, he also realizes he may have found home

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Review: Parker has been homeless three years. A homophobe father kicked him out when he was just 17. He has been walking and just surviving, never going backwards.  One day he is walking and so hot and tired when a Man in a pickup stops and offers him a ride into Jasper.  He also gives him twenty dollars and tells him to go into the café for a hot meal. As he is entering, he sees a cop and has a panic attack nearly passing out. A man helps him offers him a meal. Parker sees the man kiss the cop and call him husband.  Ian, Caleb’s (the sheriff) husband, Takes pity on the boy and feels a strong need to help him. Parker never knew how much one ride to a small town could change his life. 

I absolutely loved this book. The story was so sweet and interesting. All the characters are intriguing. This is a nice happy story even if there is some of parkers past brought up and a twist near the end but all in all this is a sweet loving happy story.   I would like to think there are people as kind as Caleb and Ian that could take in a stranger and treat them as their own. It makes life worth living in this time of so much hate, and sorrow. This is a refreshing read, though I would have liked a bit more sex especially near the end (can’t say more it would be a spoiler)

If you like, a good love story about acceptance, family and love, small ton sheriff (yes, a hot man in uniform) mechanics, dentists and I even got my cowboy! This one is for you!

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