First Watch by Peter Hansen

Title: First Watch

Author: Peter Hansen

Genre: Action, Alternate History (1926), Horror, Romance, Dark Fantasy

Length: Novella (56pgs)

Publisher: Riptide Publishing (30th October 2011)

Heat: Explicit

Heart: 4

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Do you want to live? In the darkness of a WWI battlefield, young Legionnaire Edouard Montreuil lies dying. As teeth nibble his flesh, a voice whispers, Do you want to live? Frightened and desperate, Edouard bargains his freedom for a second chance.

Aboard the Flèche, a grim submarine captained by the nightmare who granted Edouard new life, Edouard pays the price for his survival. Each night, he gives his body to his captain as the bells sound first watch. But surviving is not living, and as the days stretch into months beneath the waves, Edouard grows desperate for escape.

Can Edouard’s old comrade Farid Ruiz help him break this devil’s bargain, or will Ruiz fall to the same fate, trapped beneath the waves at the mercy of a monster whose hunger knows no bounds? Edouard and Ruiz served together once before, and slept together too, but courage and passion failed to save them from the eldritch beasts who roamed the night. This time, the cost of failure is nothing so clean or simple as death, and the spoils of victory are not just life, but love.

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Review: Edouard is desperate to escape from the clutches of the monster that saved his life.   He begs his friend to help him out of his situation. Farid agrees to help his old friend and lover out of the mess he is in without knowing the full facts and he just might live to regret it.

Whoo hoo…dark fantasy, come to momma. This book is very good and will give you a myriad of emotions to ponder. Edouard wants out of the bargain he made during WWI as his payment is too much to take any longer.  He’s tried to run in the past but he is always found. Farid agrees to help him but it backfires and now… well, let’s just say, it wasn’t the best plan in the world.

The story-line was good and was really well written but I must admit the cover mislead me slightly.   Okay, it mislead me a lot because I was expecting it to be a science-fiction inter-species romance and then I read the blurb and I was a bit disappointed.   but I said to myself “hey it’s fantasy paranormal type so chin up”.

Now we have dubious consent sex scenes between the Captain and Edouard although it’s mainly foreplay that we witness between them and the scenes are quite erotic for those of us who are twisted like that.  For others it might be quite horrific. The scenes between Farid and Edouard were erotic and hot and I also felt sorry for Edouard because he kept having flash backs. I also felt very sorry for the Captain because although he was a monster he genuinely seemed to love Edouard and I wanted to cry a little as he lost Edouard.

So I recommend this to those who love alternative history, paranormal, dark fantasy, kinky tentacle sex, hot man sex and a happy for now ending.




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