For the Rest of Eternity by Lynn Hagen

Title:  For the Rest of Eternity

Series:  Christian’s Coven 05

Author:  Lynn Hagen

Genre:   Paranormal

Length:  Novella

Publisher:  Siren Publishing/Everlasting Classic (May 5th, 2012)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts                                                                             

Blurb:  Jacob was devastated when the doctor diagnosed him with a rare blood disorder. Deciding to make the best of what time he has left, Jacob casts all caution aside and pursues the one man he had been warned away from…Shelby.

Shelby smells the sickness on Jacob, his mate. After finding out that Jacob doesn’t have much longer to live, he begs the prince to convert the human, but Christian refuses. He tells Shelby that the choice is up to Jacob and Jacob alone.

When Shelby is attacked by a pair of rogue vampires, Jacob learns the people in this world are not just human. He can live with that. But what he can’t live with is the fact that he is too weak to defend the man he is quickly falling in love with.

Time is running out and Shelby isn’t sure he can convince his mate to be converted. When Jacob collapses right before Shelby’s eyes, Shelby realizes just how close he is to losing the one man fate has given him to love for the rest of eternity.  

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Reviewer:   Cat

Review:  This is a very well-written book. Though it is part of a series Christian’s Coven and the fifth in the series, nothing is lost. I was able to follow perfectly. I think a series like this is really a showcase of the author’s abilities to develop such defined characters and settings to reel you in and make you want to go back and read the rest and continue on. I can say mission accomplished here. I loved the story, all the characters, good and bad alike, the storyline of this book and the depiction of the love scenes. As we all know by now, I am a major sucker for a great love story.

This one the blurb pretty much says it all. Jacob finds out he is sick and decides to not waste his precious little time. He wants to spend what little he has left with Shelby even though he has been warned off, but no one really says why. He soon finds out the Shelby is a vampire. Shelby knows he is sick and that they are destined as soul-mates and that Jacob is all he will have. Eternity is a long time to be alone so he tries to get Christian the Prince of his coven to turn Jacob to save hm. Christian refuses. If Jacob wants to be turned, he will…but not against his will.

Time is running out for Jacob and for Shelby to convince him to change his mind. So does Jacob finally decide to convert? Does Shelby have to live forever without a mate?  What are the rogues and who are creating them? (Oh, forgot to mention evil rogue vampires that could threaten Shelby’s safety!) I am not gunna tell ya!! You will have to read the book.

I recommend this book to anyone that loves vampires, the soul-mate principle. Good solid love stories, hot mansex and a well-developed series.


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