Freshman: Uncut by Daisy Harris

17412525Title: Freshman: Uncut

Series: Ivory Towers #1

Author: Daisy Harris

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella

Publisher: Total E-Bound (June 14th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Sparks fly between jaded film TA, Shane, and tough-acting freshman, Angel. Shane gives Angel the sex he craves, but struggles to be the man he needs.

Shane’s too old for Angel. Even if Angel weren’t a freshman in Shane’s Intro to Film class, the kid would be too closeted, too confused, too darn changeable and needy. But when Shane sees the pain lurking behind Angel’s tough exterior, he can’t help but reach out to him and give in to the desire in those scared, brown eyes.

Pacific Rim University may as well be another planet from the Oakland neighbourhood where Angel grew up. Angel’s fought all his life to get respect, and to stay hard in the eyes of his friends back home. Always the weird kid, Angel was the guy who never hooked up with girls. Meeting his very sexy, very male Film TA, Angel starts to understand why. He refuses to admit he’s gay, but he lives for every one of Shane’s smiles.

When Shane takes Angel to task for his insolent attitude, Angel can’t resist pushing his TA further. He wants Shane to show him, force him, make him accept all the feelings battling around in his mind and his body. But Angel doesn’t just need sex. He needs a man who can help him navigate the new and very raw landscape of his feelings.

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Review: Oh. I loved this book. It was very engaging, grabbing you from the beginning and holding you throughout the read.

Both characters were very lovable. Angel is a freshman whose clips on YouTube earned him a scholarship. Back in his neighborhood he was always the weird kid and had always had to act tough. This new world he suddenly landed is foreign to him and he feels confused and an outcast most of the time. Add to that the instant attraction he felt for his TA and Angel doesn’t know which way is up or down. Because while Angel has never acted with a girl, he hasn’t given much thought to his sexuality either. He simply can’t be attracted to a man…can he?

We see Angel struggle through his emotions. we see his mind say one thing, his body another and how much the confusion affects him and his actions. It’s not hard to love this character. Although, at times, he came across as too stupid. However, that gave him a more realistic air. the fact that he at times couldn’t get past simple words or phrases like “shut up” or “f*** you”. It made him real, it made him look scary and it made me like him even though he pissed me off at the same time.

And then there was Shane. Shane is gorgeous. He is also older than Angel by six years, plus Angel’s TA. It put a lot of strain in his crush with Angel and the fact that he was even crushing for the young man made him struggle with that. Normally Shane wouldn’t even think on acting on such a young guy, clearly inexperienced, clearly confused. Add to that the need he keep seeing in Angel’s eyes, a need for more than just sex and someone to teach him the ropes. But, rather intimacy, something Shane simply doesn’t do, and you got one scared Shane.

I loved him, too. The almost inevitable way he surrendered to Angels gruff manners. The way he made their relationship seem like it was Fate’s handiwork. I loved it – and I’m repeating myself, but it is true.

And I can’t help but complain about the length of this book. I wanted more. I liked the air and the writing style so a lot. It was even funny at points, light and easily read, with the intimate scenes being too good. The chemistry right there in every line dizzying you with its intensity and making you crave more.

Yup. I liked it and I can’t wait for the next installment. If you are a fan of college-boys and first-time-around-the-block kind of romance, then this book will certainly be to your satisfaction. Well worth it.