From the Rubble by T.A. Chase

FromRubbleTitle: From the Rubble
Author: T.A. Chase
Genre: Contemporary/Men in Uniform
Length: Novella (23K words)
Publisher: Amber Allure, Amber Quill Press (November 16th, 2014)
Heat Level: Low
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5Hearts
Blurb: Ever since watching a search and rescue team find his lost sister, Keaton Goodwin has worked and trained to become a SAR handler. He raises the perfect dogs to work with him, and he loves his job. When he’s called to take his dog, Kaiser, to Bogata, Colombia after a devastating earthquake, Keaton heads out not sure what he’ll find.

And what he doesn’t expect to find is Master Sergeant Nodin Standing Bear.

Nodin’s squad has been sent by the Army to help keep the SAR teams safe during the search and rescue part of the operation. He’s done a lot of this kind of work during his twenty-three years of service, yet there’s something different about Keaton, and Nodin knows a disaster area isn’t the best place to start a relationship.

When Keaton disappears, Nodin has to face how much he really cares about the younger man. Will the emotions they feel amongst the rubble be enough of a foundation to build a future?

ISBN: 978-1-61124-700-8

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Reviewer: Prime

5 of hearts logo red on black smallReview: I loved this book. If what you want is a couple of hot men, men in uniform working to save lives and then throw in a dog, this is just the ultimate guilty pleasure. It’s a cute, sweet story about two very strong heroes, along with a wonderful rescue dog.

Keaton Goodwin, trainer and search and rescue (SAR) dog handler, meets Master Sergeant Nodin Standing Bear, while they are on a military escorted mission. For Keaton the new mission is his first back in the job after a life threatening accident and the resulting severe injuries had him out of action. The two experience an instant attraction, but instead of any type of insta-love or falling into bed together, we get to see a really nice friendship form. A friendship, which both seems to sense, is leading to love, but neither says anything.

The backdrop of the search and rescue aspect is wonderfully written and adds some enjoyable tension. I especially liked it when Keaton finds himself and his dog, Kaiser, in a bit of a situation, a situation you I couldn’t help but to chuckle at. I was thinking of all these bad scenarios, but really in the end he earns the respect of a rather unsavoury character.

The ending is sweet, too. I was a bit nervous because I couldn’t see what was happening between Keaton and Nodin, but once again TA Chase does not disappoint. I would have liked this to be longer, if only to see more of Keaton and Nodin’s story, true heroes that certainly deserve a happily ever after.

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