Glacialis by Pelaam

a168b96162c7c8ef04f11a4fa0b5747c.image.200x300Title: Glacialis

Author: Pelaam

Genre: Steam Punk, Science Fiction

Length: Novella (82pgs)

Publisher: Silver Stream Press (16th February 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Accepting their company’s assignment as medic and nurse on Glacialis, Shae and Bless find their welcome as frigid as the planet itself. However, when they stumble across more than mining, things turn from cold to dangerous very quickly.

Accepting their company’s assignment as medic and nurse on Glacialis, Shae and Bless find their welcome as frigid as the planet itself. Neither Adair, the mine’s foreman nor Merag, his head of security make the men feel welcome or wanted.

When one of the miners seeks medical attention for an injury he doesn’t want Adair to know about, Shae and Bless quickly find themselves investigating illegal activity at the mine, and embroiled in danger.

Shae finds himself falling in love with an undercover Ranger sent to investigate the mine, and he and Bless choose to help him. Peril takes three forms, each different, but as deadly as the other.

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Review: Shae and Bless find themselves on the frigid mining planet, Glacialis. It is only for a one month stint, but from the second they land they are made to feel far from welcome. When a miner comes looking for treatment, Shae gets the feeling there is more going on than just company mining, and he and Bless volunteer to help the undercover Ranger. As they investigate, Shae falls for the Ranger, Bless gets anonymous cards from an admirer and both they and their protector’s head towards horrifying danger.

This is a great combination of Steampunk and science fiction.  A story that takes Steampunk to the stars while giving us an adventure of love and danger. Shae and Bless aren’t impressed when they reach Glacialis.  The foreman and the security head both make it clear that they are far from welcome and Shae and Bless decide to keep their heads down. When Tuor (miner/Ranger) needs patching up, Shae feels an attraction to him, but it isn’t until Shae stumbles upon blood on an outside wall that Tuor admits the truth and the two come together in more than just investigation.

I enjoyed this story for its imaginative creation of Steampunk in space, the characters interaction and the great storyline. We get a good understanding of the rules that they live under for space exploration, the company that Shae and Bless work for and why they are heading to Glacialis. The characters don’t get to interact much because of circumstances, but both their relationships hit them hard and fast; Shae and Tuor as they make plans and Bless and his admirer when Bless needs him most. There are some brilliant descriptions, from the steam machines used for space travel to the bleak world of Glacialis, the landscape and the danger they face.

This story is for those who love Steampunk, science fiction, action, danger, finding love in fleeting moments, rescues and a very happy ending.


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