Good for Me by Aeryn Tyler

713TJxPlo9L._SL1000_Title: Good for Me
Series: For Me, #1
Author: Aeryn Tyler (Jaden)
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (192 words)
Publisher: Aeryn Tyler (22 Dec 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts
Blurb: Tyler is a young college professor whose main trait is his clumsiness. His quirky habit of just blurting the stray thoughts running through his brain usually lands him in trouble. He needs a keeper, if you ask Bain.

Bain would like nothing more that to accept the role of Tyler’s keeper. And introduce him to all the things the geeky prof has ignored until now. If only things were simpler. The timing couldn’t be worse for meeting a guy he really liked.

Things get even messier when Tyler is attacked and ends up in medical care not once…but twice. Misunderstandings and Tyler’s lack of experience just top the situation.

Will they sort it out? Or will their attraction lead them only to more trouble?


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Reviewer: Prime

Review: This book has a fun formula – a nerdish, bookish young professor meets a new, sexy student who once was a security guard at the college plus being rather mysterious. Simple premise and overall it is quite enjoyable, which is why it was so painful for me to rate so low. To quote Mal from Firefly, “honestly, there could be tears”. So first off, I’ll go through why this is a great story.

First off the main characters, Tyler and Bain: Tyler is cute, sexy and completely nerdy while Bain is hall, hunky and very much a macho man. They have great chemistry together. There was also some great banter as well as a rather intriguing clash in their personalities. Then there are a couple of minor characters that spark my interest, particularly Tyler’s brother (complicated but I will come back to him later). The story itself flowed well and kept me turning the page despite what I am about to outline next. The point is, I cannot tell you enough how much I loved this story.

However, there is a big, big, big, BUT!

It’s the editing that has really got me wanting to cry. There is multiple times where words are misspelled by one or two letters, leading to the misuse of words. I normally would not point this out because no book is perfect and there is usually one minor silly grammatical error or another in every book. Here, you can’t go a more than a couple of pages without at least one error (I really did want to cry when in the middle of a good scene there were two on one page). Normally, this type of thing would turn me off of reading but I went on because of the story.

Which leads me back to Tyler’s brother, Sean: he is al mysterious and I get why (you will too if you read the book and get some of his back story). Particularly in the first half of the book, there was something missing about Sean and his story. I can’t put my finger on it but I really did want more of him in some capacity.

There was also a part of a chapter which was written Sean’s his POV, a rather large deviation from after only hearing from Tyler and Bain. The book is entirely first person which made this all the more confusing. I had to go back and read a few times to realise which character I was reading. It was interesting, but it needed to be flagged more clearly.

The reason why I’ve harped on about Sean so long is because he is a main character for the next book in this series, which despite my misgivings on this one. I really do look forward to reading.

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