Hands on by Adele Quinn

Title: Hands On

Author: Adele Quinn

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short (34pgs)

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing (17th November 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Drew is a successful restaurateur and chef, living the life with a great crew and five star reviews. Jeremy, the newest member of the crew, still often finds himself debating with him and family about what he wants out of his life.

When Drew starts having trouble keeping his own life together, Jeremy takes it upon himself to help him out. With an almost healing touch it seems he’s able to revitalize Drew and get him back on his game. While both get exactly what they want out of their first night as more than friends, things seem to spin out of control for them over the next few days.

Drew wants nothing more than to have his restaurant run smoothly and now be with Jeremy, but he doesn’t want anyone to think any less of either of them for diving into a relationship together. Jeremy on the other hand is ready to finally make a decision about his life and jump into shallow water. Will Drew take the risk and follow him or back off the relationship completely?

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Review: This is Adele Quinn’s first published work and I think that she has done a good job for a first published story. Drew might be a success, but he starts to panic when a rave review comes out and he feels like he has to live up to expectations.  He starts to lose focus at work and he can’t sleep at night. After nearly setting the kitchen on fire, his business partner sends him home to get his head sorted out and then help arrives unexpectedly. Jeremy has had a crush on his boss since he started working in the kitchen.  After seeing his boss starting to unravel for the last couple of days, he decides to lend a hand in helping him to relax.

I quite enjoyed this story as you have two men who both have their own problems.  Drew, because he is worried about keeping his standards high.   Jeremy, because he wonders if being in the kitchen is what he really wants or going back to school to become a chiropractor. The relationship between them is quite sticky, as after the first night together they just can’t seem to get it together without misunderstandings on both sides.

The story was quite well written and we get a good feel for Jeremy and Drew.   We get a slight background on both of them and we get a good understanding as to what the problems they are both facing are. My only problem was that they both seemed to jump to the wrong conclusion at the slightest provocation and just made it harder than they had to and the ending left me feeling slightly let down as there wasn’t a concise resolution.

I will recommend this to those who love hot sex, misunderstandings and a maybe happy for now ending.




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