Hearts Alight by Elliot Cooper

Elliot Cooper - Hearts Alight 3d Cover 73g4v4

Elliot Cooper - Hearts Alight Cover 21874fTitle: Hearts Alight

Author: Elliot Cooper

Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Holiday, Fantasy

Length: Novella (98 Pages)

Publisher: Elliot Cooper (1st December 2018)

Heat Level: None

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 3.5 Hearts

Blurb: Dave Cunningham hates the rampant consumerism that’s come to dominate his family’s Hanukkah celebrations. But a chance to bring a bit of a holiday happiness to his long-time crush, Amit Cohen, helps put him in a more festive mood.

In the quest to craft the perfect gift, Dave tries to urge a few personal details out of stoic Amit. Unintentionally, he learns the Cohen family’s secret: Amit is a golem. But Amit has a problem that runs deeper than his magical origin, and a Hanukkah miracle might be the only thing that will keep the budding flame between him and Dave from going out.


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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Dave pretty much hates the way Hanukkah has gone. He does not care for the gift giving that they do, a hand made gift is preferred. So he is kind of down around the holidays. He does like talking to Amit though. Although Amit doesn’t really talk back to him. That is until tonight. Amit has a secret, his whole family does, Amit is a golem.

I hate to admit that I have no clue what a golem is. I know he is made from clay and with magic is alive, but other than that not a clue. I can’t say I liked this book, other than the characters themselves. It just came off bizarre to me. Other than that it is a really cute little story.