Hostile Takeover by EM Lynley

Title:  Hostile Takeover

Series:   N/A

Author:  E. M Lynley

Genre: Contemporary

Length:  Novel

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (September 28th, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts-loved it

Blurb: Years ago, Chase Richards and Mathias Tobler fell in love while training for the US Olympic fencing team. Afterward, they even attended the same business school so they could be together. Then Chase left Mathias alone and heartbroken in Italy. But all of that is ancient history by the time Chase thunders back into Mathias’s safe, settled life with a business deal.

There’s no way Mathias is going to do business with Chase. He spent nine years picking up the pieces and has moved on in life—and love. But Chase won’t give up without a fight: he concocts a scheme to manipulate the market and take over the Tobler family business. If Mathias wants to save it, he’ll have to face off against Chase over crossed sabers.

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Reviewer:  Cat

Review: Chase dumped Mathias nine years before.  Mathias has finally moved on. At least, he thinks so. He was going to get married, until Chase comes back into his life and hurts him…yet again. Case, on the other hand, has never gotten over Mathias, never loved anyone else. He now has everything, but Mathias. He sees in the paper that Mathias is marrying a woman. He decides to set things in motion to try to win Mathias back, but things go even more wrong. I’ll let you read the book to see just how messed up this really gets!

I really liked this book, though I did have one major issue. It skipped way too much. One minute, it’s the past, then the future in Mathias view, then the past, then the future in Chases view or the past in Chase’s view. It got a bit confusing. However, it was necessary to read the past and it was very interesting.  I loved Chase and Mathias’s history. I just wish it had  went more in order like the past then  part two the future then we would have had an  5 star here. The story was riveting. Full of love angst and drama. What more could you want? Perhaps a happy ever after or happy for now ending? I won’t even hint. You will have to read the book and see and you won’t be sorry.  (I already warned you about the jumping about)

I recommend this book to anyone that loves, friends to lovers, business duels, (did I mention a real duel?) Sword fights, men in expensive suits, hot mansex (with men in and out of expensive suits). There is a woman, but the sex isn’t really mentioned much and it’s no threesome or anything, Bi sexual men, hmm did I leave out anything? How about a hot love story with lots and lots of drama! Oh blindfolds we mustn’t forget those!