It Takes Practice by Willa Okati

17694354Title: It Takes Practice

Series: N/A

Author: Willa Okati

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Length: Novelette

Publisher: Total E-bound (March 25th, 2013)

Reviewer: Thommie

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥ 3.5 Hearts

Blurb: Let doubters doubt! Fitz means to convince Nathan seven years isn’t too long to wait for a second chance at the love of a lifetime.

Dr Nathan Rey, general practitioner, has endured a case of broken heart syndrome for a handful of years and counting after his wild, bad-boy lover disappeared just before he received his license. Though it’s got easier—one or two flights of erotic fancy a year instead of every night—Nathan couldn’t say it’s got better. He still can’t forget the charismatic Fitz, and no one he’s met since then could begin to compare.

Still, Nathan’s certain he would have someday stopped daydreaming and moved on. He would have found someone else. Filled the empty spots in his life, his heart, and his home. His bed.

That is, if his part-time nurse hadn’t eloped overnight.

If, unable to find someone local right away, he hadn’t called upon the services of a temp agency.

And if the nurse the agency sent to him, certified and licensed, had been anyone but Fitz himself, with far more than work on his mind.

Love isn’t always easy, and it’s very rarely simple. More often than not—it takes practice.

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Review: Yup. I liked this short story a lot. My soft spot for bad boys gone good instantly loved Fitz. He is such a charming character in both his past and his present appearance and personality. No denying that.

He used to be the stoner and the guy that would flow with the wind when back in college with Nathan. While they loved each other and Nathan surely believed they would be together, the day of his graduation, Fitz disappeared from his life. In Fitz’s eyes, he was not the man worthy to stand by Nathan’s side and he would never be able to be that man with Nathan’s help. His need to make it on his own was so that he left without a note or explanation.

Yes, Nathan’s heart broke, and yes, it became easier with time; too much time. After seven years, when there is a knock on his front door, Nathan expects to find a temporary nurse to take the place of the one that abandoned him. That he finds and so much more as the temp is no other than Fitz.

And this is where I loved the text a lot, too. All the emotions and the tension between the characters were fantastically written. The “push n’ pull” and the anxiety Nathan feels were deeply felt and when the two came together it was near magic. Very romantic and softly written, loved it.

The rest of their interaction was pretty cool, too. Some characters they met were funny and some characters claimed sympathy. The way their everyday life was portrayed was quite enticing and well, it gave Fitz a place on the spotlight that I loved even more. It was quite fun.

I didn’t like the fact that Nathan succumbed as fast as he did though, and I didn’t like the ending scene with Chelle as much, but all in all it was a very pleasant read. One I’d definitely recommend to lovers of the genre.