Jackie's Back by Victor J. Banis

VJB_CAMP_Jackies_BackTitle: Jackie’s Back (2nd Edition)

Series: The Man from C.A.M.P., #3

Author: Victor J Banis

Genre: Contemporary, Detective, Humor

Length: Novel (121,000 words)

Publisher: MLR Press (July 26th, 2013) First published 2006

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: Three novellas from the Golden Age of Gay Fiction—The

Man From C.A.M.P.:

Rally Round the Fag: Jackie Holmes, that man from C.A.M.P., dons dresses and matador tights, dodges bulls and bullets and the amorous advances of would-be suitors male and female, as he tries to avert World War III.

Gothic Gaye: The intrepid man from C.A.M.P. takes on the spirits of a haunted castle, and brings down the house.

Blow the Man Down: The man from C.A.M.P. finds himself in the legendary city of Atlantis, ruled by Emperor Mother Schmucker, where gays are the norm and straights accepted if they aren’t too obvious.

Purchase Link:  http://www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=CAMP0003

Review: Overall, this is three stories in one book. I found this book very interesting, the mysteries are pretty intriguing, the book is funny in a campy (pardon the pun), witty way and the sex is pretty steamy. Jackie is such a fun character, sort of cross between a gay James Bond and a Gay Jack Ryan. I will review each story individually

Rally Round the Fag: Jackie is an undercover operative in a homosexual special agency called C.A.M.P. . He is sent on assignment to thwart world war three, posing as a woman. The case gets complicated and had many twists and turns. The actual mystery is pretty good; written in a slightly humorous, satirical style. The only real issue I had was one of the spies is very heterosexual and seems to be against homosexuality yet in the blink of the eye he US having sex with a man and contemplating more. I also would have liked to known JACKIE more personally but I loved him. To me he is a cross between a gay James bond and a gay Jack Ryan: cute, witty, smart, and very sexy.

Gothic Gaye: In this story, Jackie meets Max, a Baron, They have lots in common, and Jackie thinks he has fallen in love. The Baron feels the same and invites Jackie to move in the castle Gaye with him. Jackie resigns from C.A.M.P. and goes to join the baron in the cursed Castle. Oh, I forgot to tell you that part. Castle Gaye is haunted and death will come for the lover. So he has sort of signed his death warrant for love. Many twists and turns abound as Rich, his partner from C.A.M.P., has sent four men from C.A.M.P each an ex-lover to not only protect him, but to show him he isn’t ready to settle for just one man.
This is such a delightful story. The mystery was very well done, though I did figure who the culprit was pretty quickly I hadn’t figured it all out. He wasn’t alone. And there was a slight supernatural twist mixed in that added even more intrigue. The story was hilarious, the sex wad mostly fade to black and innuendo, but very sexy, and the continuing storyline of his secret agent identity fabulous. Jackie is a fun, James Bond like character and his friend, Rich, endearing and I hope when this series concludes Rich gets his man. I’ll be reading along to find out.

Blow the Man Down  In this story Jackie meets a homophobic agent to team up to find why boats keep disappearing. The agent is so anti-gay Jackie is going to decline when he gets s box of black roses and realizes the one man he used to love, but thought died had been aboard one of the boats that has mysteriously disappeared. On the boat, they are swept into the lost city of Atlantis.
This story was really interesting. I like the under- water world, and the story of Atlantis. The story again is humorous and we get to see many more of Jackie’s hidden talents as well as his biggest asset again. (Sorry couldn’t resist the pun again). I love the fact Jackie is a small effeminate man and not a big hunky agent. The sex is a bit hotter in this one closer to the end and there still is a touch of romance though it doesn’t over shadow the mystery and suspense

I highly recommend this book if you like mystery, intrigue, lighthearted humor, steamy mansex, some romance, secret agents and pure unadulterated fun.




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