Joel by Sean Michael

71NIdXlOjPL._SL1400_Title: Joel
Series: Shibari Auction House, #8
Author: Sean Michael
Genre: Gay Erotic Romance/ BDSM/ Contemporary
Length: Short Story (42 Pages)
ISBN: 06996-02253
Publisher: Changeling Press (August 1, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Untried and virginal, Joel still knows that he’s looking to be pushed. He wants to give up control, but he wants to fight it as well. Auctioning himself up for six months of no holds barred subbing is the only solution he can come up with to getting what he wants.
Master Brent is immediately taken with Joel and makes sure he’s the top bidder. He believes he’s the only man for the job of giving Joel the experience of a lifetime. Can he be exactly what Joel wants? Or will Master Brent actually give Joel what he needs?

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Review: This is book eight in this series and they can be read as a standalone. However, they can also be read in order. It will give you a little insight into their world. A world that is amazing and a bit strange but very good. I love the way these men can just tell what the other one needs. Although the idea that they sell themselves is a bit hard to understand.

Joel is a sweet virgin but seems to want what comes from the BDSM scene. The bonding, binding, flogging, spankings and so much more. He was a photographer but he wanted what a master can give him. He sells himself for six months of no holds barred subbing. He just needs what a Dom can give him.

Brent takes one look at Joel and knows that only he can give Joel what he truly wants and needs. He soon finds out that he is also getting what he needs.

This is a cute little story and hopefully will soon become a longer story with more about Joel and Brent. I want to know more about them and where they are headed. I hope that they end up staying together because they are hot. The story captured my attention from the moment I started reading and kept it there all the way to the end. I can only say that these two men were hot and full of passion. In fact, it made my entire day heated up.

I would recommend reading this story especially if you love BDSM, two very sexy men, virgins learning about sex, excitement and a bit of suspense for Joel.