Kissing Alex by R.J. Scott

28430306Title: Kissing Alex

Series: Bodyguards Inc., #6

Author: R.J. Scott

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Length: 155 pages

Publisher: Love Lane Books (April 24, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5Hearts

Blurb: Martial arts expert Lewis is the kind of bodyguard who slips under most people’s radar. Quiet, reserved, but constantly on alert, he’ll do his job, keep his charges safe, then relax by reading Shakespeare in his spare time.

When he’s given a case involving a spoiled celebrity singer, Lewis isn’t all that impressed. The job is nothing but babysitting a pretty boy, and he’s used to diplomatic postings with depth and challenge. What could he possibly have in common with the man he’s being forced to look after?

Alex became the envy of many when he and his fellow bandmates won second place in a huge TV talent show. He has more money than he knows what to do with, no life goals, an ex-boyfriend selling a sex tape and now, someone who wants him dead, or at the very least maimed.

Can Lewis keep Alex safe, even when things usually in his control go to hell? Is running to a remote Scottish island the only way for them to stay alive?

ISBN: 978-1-78564-041-4

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the Bodyguards Inc. collection features a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, I would recommend reading the series in sequential order.

I came across R.J. Scott’s books when she wrote the Sanctuary series, and I fell in love with the guys. Now I am falling in love with the Bodyguards Inc. series. RJ Scott is one hell of a writer and has always given a story that pulls you into a world that just calls you. She is one of my top three contemporary authors that actually is on my automatically buy list. The only thing about this book that I did not like was the cover of it. It looks to drab to be on this type of story.

Not only do you have danger from different directions, but you have alpha men who protect those they love. Not to mention the fact that when you think of bodyguards, you think of hot men with guns. I always love the strong man who protects, but this one has a little more of a twist. Which for me was a lot of fun.

I have found that R.J.’s books are one of my favorite contemporary stories. There is just something about them that pulls you in and keeps you there. There is a twist to the stories that are fun to read and the stories just flow off the pages. Once I started reading I couldn’t put the book down.

Lewis has always taken the same dates off to go home to his island and relax. It was a time that he needed and never would sacrifice it. That is until his boss decided he needed to watch a very sexy man. He was to take this man to his sanctuary and watch him. He had not expected to fall in love with him though.

Alex had a one night stand with Roman and is now in danger. Roman’s father is as evil as they get and thinks that by getting Alex, Roman won’t testify against him. Alex wasn’t sure about going to some strange island with no internet, but once he does, damn he is in love. It would seem his bodyguard is changing his mind one day at a time. Wow, these two are so damn hot together.

I had a blast reading this and would definitely recommend it. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next story.

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