Last First Kiss by Diane Adams

18630973Title: Last First Kiss

Series:   Southern Comfort, #1

Author:Diane Adams

Genre: Contemporary

Length:  Novel (275 pages)

Publisher: Love Lane Books (January 18th, 2014)

Heat Level:  Low and Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4Hearts

Reviewer: Eli/Mandingo

Blurb:  Eighteen-year-old Gage Harris is not a part of twenty-five year old Trent Foster’s plans. He likes Gage but the intense attraction between them makes remaining just friends unlikely, and the young farmer with two small children is a complication Trent doesn’t need. 

Despite all the reasons to stay away, Trent is pulled into the small family. Gage’s boys are delightful and the young man’s honesty and genuine affection impossible to resist. Trent is intrigued by a life so different from everything he’s known. As he, struggles to reconcile his plans with his feelings Trent begins to suspect that his random offer of a ride in the rain might lead straight to his last first kiss.

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Review: Everyone has lessons to learn in life and one’s age is not necessarily the best yardstick to use when measuring the maturity of someone. Gage as presented is an extremely competent and self-possessed young father. As the story develops, the reader will continue to be impressed by Gage’s strength and wisdom even at such a young age. He easily appears to be older than Trent in many of the ways is that the thinks and processes information and his life circumstance. He’s made decisions that many men older than him would not have made, but which he did gladly indicating an amazing strength of character. What Gage is missing is a friend and a partner and he will eventually find that in Trent. If they have, patience and can navigate through some treacherous waters.

Trent will find himself going out of his comfort zone and learning more about ‘real’ life than he imagined.  He’ll suddenly see that his reality is not everyone else’s and he will learn to appreciate his own life and that of others.  Being friends with Gage will help him to mature in ways that he didn’t even know that he needed.

Both men will need to navigate some issues to see if they can make it as a couple and a ‘family’ and there are some very serious issues to navigate that could be the death knell of their relationship. After some setbacks, they’ll find their footing together.  Gage and Trent are wonderful characters who the readers will adore and fall in love with.  Gage’s relationship with his children is precious; and, watching Trent fall in love with the children and want to become a part of the family is heart warming.

This is a story about family, sacrifice and what people will do for those whom they love.  It is wonderfully heart-warming and restorative to the soul.