Legal Tender by Andrew Grey ~ Audiobook

Title: Legal Tender

Series: Art 04

Author: Andrew Grey

Narrator: John Solo

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 7 hrs 3 mins

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC (27th July 2017)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Blurb: Timothy left home when he was 18 to get away from his reckless mother, but he never stopped visiting his grandfather, who taught him what love was all about. Now that Grampy has passed away, Timothy finds that the old man’s legacy is everything Timothy has dreamed of – and more.

Inside the house Timothy loves so much is a cache of coins with historical value…and a mystery, because one of them isn’t supposed to exist. In memory of his grandfather, Timothy sets out to make sure that the mystery and the coins are given their due honor. In his quest to keep the government from confiscating his grandfather’s legacy, he meets Joiner, whose interest in Timothy is as clear and open as Timothy is guarded. There are things about Timothy’s life and his past he doesn’t want anyone to know, not even the kind man who is helping him with the complications of legal tender.

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Reviewer: Prime

Review: I love Andrew Grey’s Art series, so I was very much looking forward to the audio of this book. In fact, I think the first book in this series was one of the first Andrew Grey books I read after starting on his Love Means… series. I think I always say this, but I love how Andrew Grey takes ordinary guys – guys that are so relatable and spin a completely relatable and interesting story. There is no insta-love, the characters go through their struggles, in fact I love how we get to see the characters develop and actually get to know each other before thinking, “there might be something here”.
Legal Tender is the fourth book in Grey’s series and while you don’t need to be familiar with the three previous books, I recommend it because there is some overlap with the plot lines and there is also a pleasing appearance of some of our previous heroes. In fact, of the 3 previous books in the series, it is really books 1 and 2 which are most relevant.

Legal Tender follows shy guy Timothy and lawyer Joiner Carver. Timothy has not had the best life and upbringing. His mother is a drug addict, though she had not always been but her habit led to some major damage to Timothy’s psyche after he suffered a horrible trauma. The only love he had known in his life was from his grandfather, Tim called him Grampy, and his best friend as a child, Dieter (that’s right, that’s Dieter from book 1!). Part of Grampy’s legacy were some priceless coins, including a coin that could be confiscated by the US Government if Timothy ever reported that he possessed the object. It’s through Dieter and Dieter’s lawyer husband Gerald, that Timothy meets Joiner and Joiner is immediately on the case to help Timothy keep his grandfather’s legacy. Joiner is an ambitious lawyer, I think that has to be a given, but he is also sweet to a fault and has some fairly rigid morals.

There is an instant attraction between Joiner and Timothy, but Joiner is an honorable lawyer (shock horror, lol) and will not let anything risk his case, yet at the same time he will do anything for Timothy. I love how the plot forms and how Andrew Grey weaved together the threads to make a coherent case for Timothy’s legacy, as well as giving us a lot of sweet romance.

This story can be best described as a legal mystery story with a good dose of romance and sexy thrown in. John Solo is also one of my favorite audio narrators, so this audio was pure joy to read with the wonderful tone that Solo brings to the characters and to the story.

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