Longing by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

71q+Oe3qgQL._SL1350_Title: Longing


Series: Orgasmic Texas Dawn 02


Author: A.J. Llewellyn & D.J. Manly


Genre: Contemporary, Crime


Length: Novel (240 Pages)


Publisher: Silver Publishing (27th October 2012)


Heat Level: Moderate


Heart Rating:♥♥♥♥4Hearts


Reviewer: Pixie


Blurb: US Marshal Jubilee Mason and Canadian transplant Kieran Fox join forces to take down an evil drug empire… but can their relationship survive Kieran becoming the town’s new sheriff?


Kieran and Jubilee fight their growing mutual attraction as they deal with a new menace to life in Lone Trail. A drug cartel is trafficking dangerous, home-brewed drugs, distributing them around Texas and beyond.

For Kieran, the shocking discovery that his own father is deeply involved is the worst kind of betrayal. Neither Kieran nor Jubilee knows whom to trust as it becomes clear that the cartel has a powerful grip on many influential people around them. It soon also becomes obvious that Kieran, who is struggling with his feelings for Jubilee, must make a decision.

Can he give in to his feelings and trust him…or will he just go on longing for him?


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Review: This book is part of a series and must be read in order.


Kieran has more than enough on his plate, when he finds that his father is involved in the case he is working on. Trying to fight his feelings for Jubilee is difficult and he is having doubts that his heart will survive his new relationship with Jubilee. The small town where he now works isn’t exactly gay friendly and he won’t live in the closet. Jubilee has fallen head over heels but he has no choice but to be discreet, and he has more than enough on his plate discovering who the mole is in the US Marshal Department and tracking down the cartels. Together they have to work. But are they fighting a losing battle with their attraction to each other?


Longing picks up where Orgasmic Texas Dawn finished, continuing the story of Kieran and Jubilee as they hunt down the players in a drug cartel. Jubilee and Kieran have embarked on a secret relationship, working together and hiding how they feel. But the strain is getting to Kieran and he tries to back off and concentrate on the investigation. Jubilee knows he has to focus on the investigation simply because as him and Kieran dig deeper more spies come out of the woodwork, but all his focus keeps zoning into Kieran. Many things come out as they try to put a stop to the cartels, with Kieran finding out shocking news about his father.


This is a great continuation of Orgasmic Texas Dawn, the action and adventure continues with no let-up in sight with many twists and turns in the investigation. Jubilee and Kieran really are a great couple but the town where they live is not productive to a relationship, Jubilee might have his dreams but Kieran really can’t see how it would work. This book really does try to balance the two storylines, relationship & investigation, slightly combining the two as more people discover the true nature of Jubilee and Kieran’s relationship, and Kieran feels a little put out that Jubilee hasn’t even thought about any sort of compromise. The book is left open-ended as they all head off to Canada but it really isn’t looking good for poor Jubilee.


I will recommend this to those who love action and adventure, hot sex, confliction emotions, danger, secrets, twists and turns and an ending that is wide open to many possibilities.