Loving the Hellhound by B.A. Stretke

B.A. Stretke - Loving the Hellhound 3d Cover 93u5h,

B.A. Stretke - Loving the Hellhound Cover 94jb4Title: Loving the Hellhound

Series: Dragon’s Blood MC 03

Author: B.A. Stretke

Genre: Paranormal Vampire Romance

Length: Novella (176pgs)

Publisher: Superiorland Publishing (September 24, 2017)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: Loving The Hellhound

Vadin Labont is on a mission. He has been dispatched by his Vampire Coven Master to eliminate a rogue vampire who has broken every vampire code and has risked exposing vampire society to the human world. Florian Chamberlin sewed destruction wherever he went and earned the ire of the Dragons of Clan Keith in Laramie, risking the safety and good name of the Chamberlin Coven. With the permission of the Clan Keith Chieftain Calum Keith, Vadin and his two men are on the hunt for the rogue vampire and will not fail in their mission. What Vadin isn’t expecting is to find his beloved, his fate chosen love in the Clan Keith Lodge. Kyle Keith is everything Vadin never even knew he was dreaming of, a strong and intelligent Dragon Warrior. However, Vadin is pulled in two directions. He wants to claim his beloved and begin their life together, but he must find and destroy the dangerous rogue vampire before he strikes again. Vadin has secrets in his past that leave him vulnerable, and he wonders how can possibly hold it all together. When Kyle’s life hangs in the balance, will Vadin reveal himself and save his beloved?

It’s been two years since one of the Clan Keith last found their mate. In that time the Clan has taken ownership of Laramie, Wyoming and have begun creating a sustainable and permanent life here in the High Plains of Wyoming. Kyle is eager to find his mate and wonders just who might be around the corner waiting for him. When the rogue Florian Chamberlin comes back to town, and the Chamberlin Coven comes to deal with him, Kyle is shocked to find his mate at the Vampire Master’s side. Vadin Labont is every inch a warrior and Kyle can’t take his eyes off the beautiful dark-skinned man. Using his tech skills, he finds out his mates deepest secrets, something that will come back to cause friction between him and his new love. Kyle will soon find himself in the greatest danger of his long life, and his only hope may be the dark-skinned man and his hellhound ancestry. Can Vadin save Kyle in time? Can a dragon love a hellhound?

Fate doesn’t make mistakes and love will always find a way..


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Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Vadin, second in command of the vampires and half vampire, half hellhound and also an assassin finds his mate in dragon shifter Kyle. I really loved these two together. When they meet things are explosive between them.

Both are after rogue vampire Florian who escaped the wiping out of his rogues when the dragons took them out. He’s back to take his son by any means necessary and that includes kidnapping Kyle.

Intense, passionate and action packed this is my favorite story in the series so far.

Fantastic read.

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