Luke's Present by Sue Brown

Luke's Present 400x600Title: Luke’s Present

Series: Morning Report 3.5

Author: Sue Brown

Genre: M/M, Holiday

Length: Novelette (62 pg)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 19th, 2012)

Reviewer: Thommie

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb: Lost Cow Ranch foreman Simon Bryan is worried about Luke, his boss and possessive partner of twelve years. Reeling from the flood that took his horse, Luke has postponed surgery on his knee, and his nightmares have been escalating. Worse, he is pulling away from Simon emotionally. Desperate to help his lover cope, Simon plans a special Christmas gift, but it is Luke’s present that changes their relationship forever.

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Review: The fourth book in the Morning Report series finds Luke and Simon, partners for a decade, in a very bad emotional state. Luke is taking his injury and death of his beloved horse Lulu very badly. His fears and nightmares are holding him back and that is taking a toll not only at his health, but at his relationship as well. He’s slowly withdrawing from everyone and Simon is trying every trick he knows to bring the man he loves back from his inner darkness. With the approaching Christmas and the love and support of their friends and family Simon achieves to crack through the armor Luke has built around his mind and one step at the time get him through the healing process. But, love goes both ways and Luke shows his with a most unexpected act. After all when there is love you can survive it all and the pair recognizes how blessed they’ve been to be surrounded by that wonderful feeling.

This story is both sweet and hot. There are cowboys, there are horses, there is the classic Texan Momma (loved her), there are troubles and there is love. All very important components for a fine story. I did find it a bit rushed though, the pace felt like a sprint and there was no time left to absorb the bittersweet scenes or the hot sexual ones. Unfortunately I did not connect with the characters and failed to “feel” what they were feeling. It’s one of the rare times where I wish a story was a bit more developed and detailed on the sensory part.

Nevertheless I liked it and if you’ve followed the series you should definitely read this and catch up with Simon and Luke.

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