Macon's Story by Hennessee Andrews

20897085Title: Macon’s Story

Series: Rough in the Saddle book #1

Author: Hennessee Andrews

Genre: Gay Cowboy Romance

Length: Novella (62 pages)

Publisher: Siren Publishing (February 1st 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Tams

Blurb: Macon Sumner loves two things in the world. One is taboo, his best friend Wade Sutherland. His second love is the rodeo, where their problems begin. When a nosy reporter clicks a picture at the rodeo, capturing Wade and Macon kissing, life is never the same and neither are their relationships with their family and peers. As outcasts in their small, narrow-minded town, Wade and Macon feel the effects daily. Wade becomes secretive with their relationship, foolishly believing that hiding is the answer. What he doesn’t realize is how much harm he is inflicting on Macon by doing so. Sneaking away for intimate moments with Wade are as hurtful as the glares Macon receives from people who are supposed to be neighbors, friends. Even roping buddies have stopped inviting them to functions. He can’t stand how he feels or how Wade is treating him. When he receives a call from Zander Wesley, he sees a new life and opportunity for him and Wade. Note: This book is written in one point of view.

Note: This book was previously available as a free read on Goodreads under the title Rough in the Saddle. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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Review: Macon Sumner and Wade Sutherland have been best friends since they were children, and lovers since they were teenagers. Outed by an overzealous reporter, they are no longer in hiding per say, but Wade still has his hand stuck in the closet door. Wade’s father does not understand nor does he approve, and he is very vocal about it.

There are only two things that Macon wants to do, Wade and Rodeo, and in that order. As much as he loves Wade, he’s tired of hiding who they are and what they mean to each other. The opportunity presents itself to them to join a Gay rodeo team so they go spend a couple of weeks practicing and roping together again. They get to spend every day and night together and are allowed the freedom to be open with their relationship. But Wade has spent so much time and effort hiding who he is, and he continues to shy away from being openly affectionate with Macon. When Zander offers them a place at the Ranch and with his rodeo team, will Wade embrace it or run away and continue to hide.

Wranglers, Ropers, Rodeos and Cowboys! A short, fast read about two lifelong friends that become lovers, and their struggle with coming out to their friends and families. I loved the best friends turned lover’s aspect of the story, but the title confused me. It’s supposed to be Macon’s story, but it’s told from Wade’s POV. And Wade aggravated the piss out of me with his I love you, as long as no one is looking.

Overall, I thought this was just a fun, tender love story and while there were a few bumps in the road, I would read more from this author.