Master Class by Rachel Haimowitz

Title: Master Class

Series: Master Class 01

Author: Rachel Haimowitz

Genre: BDSM

Length: Short (57pgs)

Publisher: Riptide Publishing (30th October 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts 

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Performing before a crowd of thousands? No problem. Baring his heart before a crowd of one? Better tie him down first.

Broadway darling Nicky Avery is a shooting star by night, but by day he bounces from one heartless one-night stand to the next. A quick flogging, a rough lay, a new whip-hand to manipulate—yet still he yearns for something he cannot even name.

He finds his first true hint of satisfaction in Devon Turner, a self-possessed film star and expert Dom. Devon knows what he wants the moment he sees it, and what he wants is Nicky Avery. Nicky’s never learned to trust and has a nasty habit of topping from the bottom, but he learns fast that in the bedroom, Devon won’t tolerate his actor’s masks.

Nicky’s a broken boy, but Devon knows exactly how to put his new sub back together. With patience, care, and all the punishments his little pain slut can handle, Devon breaks Nicky down one scene at a time, revealing a mind that yearns to trust and a heart that hungers for the ecstasy of true submission at last. 

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Warning: Some readers may find some scenes offensive. E.g. bondage, breath play, CBT, humiliation, rape fantasy (consensual), sadomasochism 

Review: Nicky is a messed up boy; everything has come easy to him and he thinks he should be punished for it… he is not just a sub, he is a true masochist. Devon is an experienced Dom; he recognizes the need in Nicky and decides to take him under his hand.

Okay, I have always been honest in all my reviews so I am not going to stop now. Before the end of the first chapter I wanted to stop reading but I was reading to review so I gritted my teeth before continuing, by the end of chapter two I wished it was a paperback so I could tear it up, stomp on it and then burn it, by the end of chapter three I couldn’t stop reading.

These characters confused the hell out of me because at first I thought that Devon was a nasty b*****d and my view didn’t change until chapter 3.  Nicky on the other hand came across as a pain freak who didn’t care how he was treated or abused and that view lasted until near the end.

Nicky is in the scene for the wrong reasons.   Although he enjoys the pain and submission he doesn’t want any tender feelings that go with it; he just wants the pain and abuse. Devon sees through Nicky’s masks and then strips them away until Nicky shatters.  Only then can Devon begin to rebuild him. I actually started to feel sorry for Devon when it began to feel like he wouldn’t get through to Nicky because he wants more than just rough sex from Nicky. For Nicky I could have cried as he was stripped down to his soul and forced to face his needs.

This story will have your feelings confused and not sure how to think, it has very heavy BDSM… okay fine sadomasochism, bearing of souls and the beginning to a relationship that has a lot to build on… So if you are into any of that then you will love this book.

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