MM Good Book Reviews Update!

Hello everyone, I’m Mel Pixie’s favourite child and most incredible daughter 😉

Mum is in the hospital at the moment and we aren’t sure when she’ll be released, no it’s nothing to do with COVID-19 (coronavirus) and everything to do with her stomach. The doctors aren’t sure what is wrong as she’s violently vomiting, last week they thought it was a re-occurrence of a stomach bug but tests have come back negative. Now they are doing further tests to see if they can find the cause or narrow it down.

While mum is unavailable I’ll be helping out with MM Good Book Reviews, I’ll be posting the blog tours, book blasts and cover reveals and will be posting the reviews. They won’t be as pretty as when mum does them but please bear with me as I keep the blog going.

Mum will be back as soon as she is able to, she’s very concerned with not letting any authors or readers down and is stressing herself out over it, so here I am 🙂 

Well wisher messages are welcome and thank you for your continued support. 


6 thoughts on “MM Good Book Reviews Update!

  1. Hope the doctors find out what’s wrong and you get to feeling better soon. Miss and love you. Sending healing and loving prayers your way. <3

  2. Big hugs, and thank you for letting us know. I hope she’ll be well in no time.

  3. Take care of yourself! We’d rather have you than a review Ms. pixie!

  4. Dear Ms. Mel Pixie (via her favorite daughter):

    You are hereby formally advised that under the rules, regulations, policies and procedures adopted by the Supreme Council of the LGBTQ+ Readers, Writers, Reviewers and Bloggers Association, you are not permitted to remain unwell for long, inasmuch as unwellness in members of the upper pantheon of really good MM book reviewers, causes woozums in the tumtums of the rest of us. You wouldn’t want the tumtums of your friends and followers to be all woozy with worry, would you?

    The only reasonable conclusion is that it’s your duty as an upstanding member of the LRWRBA to get well soon.

    Thus sayeth Eric, who knows these things.

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