Moon's Acceptance by Paichuu

paichuuTitle: Moon’s Acceptance

Author: Paichuu

Genre: Paranormal/ shifter

Length: 44 pages

Publisher:  Self-published (June 25 2013)

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Heat Level: Low

Blurb:A strange wanders into the town of Wolf’s Howl. How will he affect the strange citizens there and how will one lonely rancher affect the stranger? As the moon changes, so do the feelings one man has for another, in the wild Montana land.

The weather in Montana in mid-May was just as cold as any of its southern states in their winter months. In the afternoon sun, people were walking around wearing thick sweaters and pants with the stereotypical cowboy boots. The town of Wolf’s Howl was pretty isolated from any other populace, with its occupants being close-knit. Everyone knew everyone else, neighbors were open and kind to each other, and life was good. The men would go out and hunt, corral the horses, or work in the stores. The women would do much the same, as the jobs were sexless in their demands. Plus no true man of Wolf’s Howl would dare tell a woman of Wolf’s Howl that she was incapable of doing something, unless he wished to spend his night sleeping out on the living room couch or even in the barn with the animals. Overall, life was fairly uneventful in town, with hardly any newcomers arriving to the remote settlement.

So when a stranger walked in on foot, it made quick news with everybody.

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Reviewer: Cat

Review: Drev comes into Wolf’s Howl to escape from his past. He is heartbroken and betrayed by his family and the man he thought loved him. He wants a new start. The town is strange. Though it’s cold, most of the people are dressed in just jeans and shirts. The townspeople don’t seem too friendly, but Drev doesn’t have much to say anyhow. He just wants a job. A handsome stranger intervenes during a bar brawl and takes Drev in and offers him a job. Is he offering more than just a job though?

I found this story interesting and sweet. It’s a basic boy meets boy, one has a secret, etc. The story moves smoothly though it doesn’t give many details about either character.

Recommendation: If you like Werewolves, western towns, secrets and a short sweet love story this is for you.

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