Murder Most Yowl! by Quinn Dressler

o-murder-most-yowlTitle: Murder Most Yowl

Series: A Cam and Jake Cat Sitter Mystery

Author: Quinn Dressler

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Length: 134 pages

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (June 29, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts

Blurb: Cat-sitting is a dangerous business.

Cameron Sherwood turned his back on law enforcement the night his investigation led to the death of an innocent gay man. Now Cam spends his time running a business that caters to his favorite animal, cats. But when Cam stumbles upon the body of a friend while feeding her feline, he can’t walk away.

Dealing with a sexy yet stubborn sheriff, a matchmaking sister, and a terrifying blind date, Cam must somehow track down a killer, all while keeping the cats around him fed with his gourmet cat treats.

ISBN: 978-1-6347-478-9

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: The first thing that caught my eye with this story was the title and then I saw the cover and I knew that I wanted to see what it was about. Then I took a look at the blurb and had to grab it. This author is new to me, so I was a bit leery of reading it though. However I am so damn glad that I took a chance, because this story rocked.

A few years ago Cameron had left NCIS after an innocent man died. He blamed himself for the man’s death. He had been an innocent man who just happened to be gay, but his Cameron’s partner was a homophobic asshat that pushed it. After that Cameron knew he no longer wanted to be in the Navy. He had not only quit his job but came out to his family. His father deserted him, but his sister stayed. However sometimes he wished she hadn’t, especially when she set him up on blind dates.

Cameron had found the body of a woman whose cat he babysits for. If that wasn’t bad enough, the sheriff was a jerk. Now guess who his blind date was. You guessed it none other than the sheriff himself. So here was a sheriff who at first doesn’t seem to know how to find a killer, to ending up going on a blind date with Cameron. Cameron owns a cat specialty shop and Jake has two dogs, sounds pretty good to me.

Now one would think that these two definitely don’t have anything in common, but it would seem that for them it is the opposite. It takes one date to realize they have something good and that they seem to make a perfect team when it comes to killers.

I have got to say that these two were the best characters I have come across in a long time. They are fully developed and there is so much detail that you feel like you know them from the start. The story is one of the best mysteries I have read in a while. It not only has the serious tone to it, but this story has so much humor in it that made it rock even more.

I hope that the author will turn this into a series with Jake and Cam the main characters in some future mysteries. I had so much fun with this and can’t wait to see what other stories this amazing author has out there.

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