My Big Fat Southern Gay Wedding by Sara York

A18ZOOnUwfL._SL1500_Title: My Big Fat Southern Gay Wedding
Series: A Southern Thing, #3
Author: Sara York
Genre: New Adult Romance
Length: (55,000 words)
Publisher: Sara York (April 1 2014)
ISBN 9781311899026
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Reviewer: Cat
Blurb: When he was a kid, Jack Miller thought life would be a certain way, then he figured out he liked boys and not girls, changing the course of his future. Jack has spent the last few years learning that life doesn’t always give you what you expect, in both good and bad ways.

Andrew’s gone missing and Jack’s parents have split. He’s made it through high school, but the future is nothing without Andrew. To be complete, Jack knows he needs to find Andrew and bring him home. But Andrew has disappeared.
Lost doesn’t even begin to describe how Andrew Collins feels. Homeless and destitute, he’s ready to end it all. Thinking that Jack is dead, Andrew returns to Sweet to end his life on Jack’s grave. Instead, he finds lies were told that drove him to a path of destruction.

After not seeing each other for almost a year, Jack and Andrew come together, but their problems don’t end there. They must work hard to make it to their big fat Southern gay wedding or risk losing it all.
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Review: This is the third and final book of this story. If you haven’t read the first two, I suggest you do. This series does need to be read in order. It could stand alone but you really wouldn’t get the proper feel of the characters.
Having said that, this is the perfect finale. It begins with more angst and emotion of Jack and Andrew. These two men sure went through all kinds of hell to get to where they are.

Jack tries to hunt down Andrew after his past ordeal, but his family moved leaving no trace. Jack is almost ready to believe that Andrew either is dead or doesn’t want anything else to do with Jack after all they have been through.
Andrew had suffered his own ordeal while Jack was away and thought Jack was dead. Since that is what Jack’s dad told him. He took rides form truckers, sometimes having to give blowjobs for food to survive. He finally gives up and decides to go back Sweet and end it all on Jacks grave.

I know sad isn’t it? The things these two guys go through in high school are horrible, but it makes you stop and think. Bullying isn’t always kids and school. Adults can be even worse. Child abuse can happen in even the best of homes. I loved how Sara dealt with the themes and in this book wrapped the story up in a nice neat package intriguing, package. I did cry quite a few times so I would suggest you keep tissues handy. I would love to see young Billy’s story…hint hint…

If you like awesome series, books dealing with difficult topics, such as child abuse, big families, angst, hot yet loving ManSex, interesting characters, and a satisfying conclusion to an intriguing series this are for you.