New York Christmas by RJ Scott

15979878Title:  New York Christmas

Author: RJ Scott

Genre:  Contemporary

Length:    Novella (112 pages)

Publisher: Love Lane Books (December 1st, 2012)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts ~ liked it

Blurb: Christmas, and the man of his fantasies is back in Chris’s life.

It’s been far too long since Christian Matthews has seen Daniel Bailey. In fact the last time they met Chris was a senior in college and he was the TA tasked with helping Daniel who was a way too confident freshman.

Some years down the road, Chris is licking his wounds after being asked to leave the private school where he was teaching. He has no job, no money, and has to rely on his friend Amelia for the job and a room to live in. He needs a freaking Christmas miracle to make this Season anything other than a total loss.

Then Daniel comes back into his life and suddenly everything seems possible. Not only is Daniel still the man Christian wants more than anything, but this time Chris may well actually tell Daniel how he feels

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Reviewer:  Showme

Review: This was my first Christmas read of the season and it’s a good one! It’s a sweet holiday story with just a little angst. RJ, of course, gave us a HEA wrapped in this lovely cover to enjoy this holiday season.

Chris is a little lost. He’s quietly let go from his prestigious teaching position at a private school. The threat of a scandal scares Chris into running, but the only thing he did wrong was trust a lover who betrayed him and now he’s paying the price. Ashamed and scared of what his future holds he hides out at his best friend Ame’s coffee shop. She needs the help and he needs to decide what to do with his mess of a life.  Chris seems to be at an all time low and what a time for the man he’s been holding a torch for since his senior year of college to walk back into his life.

Daniel is finally at a place in his life where he’s happy. He bucked his job at his father’s company and has a great partner in the NYPD, who has no problem with him being gay. Now, he needs to find Chris, the guy he’s wanted since freshman year, but knew he wasn’t a good enough man for at the time,  Daniel is a little shocked to find him  working behind a counter of a coffee shop, but he’s so happy to finally see him it doesn’t matter. The first meeting doesn’t go as well as he’d wanted, but he won’t give up. He can’t let go of his hope that he’ll finally get his chance with the one he let get away. Nobody has ever made him feel the way he did about Chris. His persistence pays off and the guys start seeing each other and lucky us that we get to read all about it.

This really was a sweet little read. The pace was nice. The guys didn’t fight their attraction, but took things slow at first, so it has a nice sexy build to their reunion. I guess if I had a complaint it was Chris’s lack of confidence at times. Although understandable considering his situation, but if a guy like Daniel keeps telling you how wonderful you are and it’s everything you’ve ever wanted to hear from him, don’t question it so much! Barely worth mentioning because this story left me smiling and happy with a little holiday cheer. New York Christmas is another great Christmas story from RJ Scott.

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