Nowhere to Run by Erin Lark

17913443Title: Nowhere to Run

Series: N/A

Author: Erin Lark

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Length: Novel

Publisher: Loose Id (May 14th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: For the last six years, Simon has struggled to keep his identity a secret along with a past that, so far, has stayed right where it belongs. Beaten within an inch of his life, he left everything behind when he fled to Washington. Including his family. So when the shrill ringing of his phone wakes him in the middle of the night, the last person he expects to hear on the other end of the line is his baby sister. 

After living together for over five years, David figures there isn’t much more to learn about Simon Taverdy. That is, until he overhears Simon talking on the phone. Tied to this life they share by a family of his own, David refuses to pack their things and leave, even if it means putting Simon’s life in danger.

With only four weeks left until Christmas, going home for the holidays takes on new meaning, especially when it involves the cops and an abusive ex who’s still on the run. Can Simon and David survive the fallout of Simon’s past, or will he bolt again to the middle of Nowhere?

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Review: The blurb of a book can at times lead you toward what you’re about to read or mislead you. In this case, it’s not that helpful as it mostly confuses you.

Simon is this character who when we first meet him in the book he appears strong and confident. He is in a relationship with David for over five years, has a club that he’s managed to make quite popular and friends he can count on. He is in charge of his life and he is happy, but all that literally crumbles when he receives a phone call from his sister.

A sister that David had no idea existed. David prided himself of having a great relationship that was based in the most significant part in lack of secrets. Little did he know at the time, but a phone call waking them up in the middle of the night changes everything. His confident partner transforms in a matter of minutes into a panicked creature that is losing his mind. Fear and anxiety are things he never expected to see in Simon’s eyes and to top thing the bombshell of a family Simon has left behind is suddenly dropped. In the confusion, everything seems surreal but when Simon packs his bag and steps out of the door David is left stunned, wondering what the hell just happened.

And so are we. The story began in a very smooth pace, everyday things, mundane even, a loving couple that were too sweet and a life that seemed to harbor no surprises. Suddenly it changes and the emotional/drama roller coaster started with no end.

A cruel past came into focus that somehow missed affecting me much. The event in itself was powerful but the narration and the way it was smoothed into the text left me a bit detached. I had a similar experience with the characters too, at one point, I’d be focused on them and enticed, feeling them both, and the other I was detached, their “drama” not affecting me at all.

At some point, I think I disliked Simon too much. His fear felt as if it popped up out of nowhere, almost 80% of the story was this irritating angst that had the main character looking over his shoulder and never getting his wits together. The family reunion was at least weird. I couldn’t make my mind if Simon’s parents and sister were cruel or not strict enough. I can’t really pinpoint what bugged me so much about that aspect of the story, just that I was having a surreal feeling and thinking “what the heck” all the time.

The clearest thing of all was that the main character was constantly running and if it wasn’t physically then it was mentally until the point where he reached a dead-end and then he simply had to stop and face his fears. But when that point came, again it all happened too fast, as if a switch was pushed on and boom, a new Simon was born. These fast changes of heart were hard to absorb and it left me wondering just who was Simon?

The bad guy of the story was a bit vague too, just as with the plot and the events that influenced Simon so much, he wasn’t properly developed. There were gaps in the story that gathering them all together left the story lacking.

All in all, while it was not a terrible read, it didn’t also manage to reach its full potential. Still I’d recommend this one to those who love dramatic plots and emotional stories where the hero makes a 180 turn and faces his demons.

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