One More Time by Shawn Lane

Title: One More Time

Series: N/A

Author: Shawn Lane

Genre: MM/Contemporary

Length: Novella

Publisher: Loose Id (August 28th, 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Blurb: Vermont is the last place Dane Westerfield has any desire to go. He left a decade ago and has no desire to go back. California is now home. Or rather, his partner of six years was home. Yet when the unexpected death of his partner and the revelation of secrets kept send Dane reeling, he returns to the Vermont town he grew up in to help deal with his grief.

Before he even reaches his sister’s home, he runs into Theo Mason, his first love and his well…first. Theo had been one of the reasons Dane had been eager to leave Vermont a decade ago, and Dane’s definitely not eager to see him again. Yet the sexy, rugged police officer makes it clear he wants another chance with Dane. Theo’s patience and understanding catch Dane off guard, and Dane finds himself unable to resist the once familiar heat that generates between them. But is his time with Theo just a rebound fling or can Dane move past his grief for a new chance at love?

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Reviewer: Thommie

Review: Dane is lost in dread, after his partner’s death. Not only is he alone and hurt, but he’s confused by new revelations of his partner’s life. Secrets he kept from Dane, that Dane is incapable to process; secrets that had him thinking the man he spent 6 years with was a complete stranger. In this emotional state, his sister makes a stand for Dane to go back in Vermont to cope with the situation among family. Vermont, the place that Dane gladly ran from when his first love broke his heart, the last place he wants to be. Yet, he goes nonetheless.

The shock and surprise to see Theo the first moment his steps into his home-town is nothing in front of the fact that Theo wants to reacquaint with him, and if possible to have a second chance with him. His past memories and new scars that his late partner left him with make it hard for Dane to trust and let go. Theo is more than he’d want, if only he could dare and let himself trust him a second time.

I really liked this book. Perhaps I found Dane a bit assuming to the point of getting me screaming on my pc and yelling at him that he’s overreacting (yes, I tend to talk to the characters while I read a book) at the beginning.  But, I liked him…a lot. He was a very sweet character and at some point I was only wishing that he’d give Theo a second chance. And Theo, OMG, what a man. His patience and strength was lovely. The two of them were a very good pairing and their sexual encounters too sexy.

I loved the plot too; it gave the story some spice. Dane’s family and their behavior made a good point, giving Dane some reasons behind his reluctance to go back to his home town and made for the perfect circumstances for Theo to claim Dane back by way of supporting him, standing by his side and providing him the time and place so he could cope with his partner’s death and secrets.

This was a very nice written story, easy to read and enjoy despite the drama at the beginning. A light romance you could describe it and if you’re into romance I recommend you read this one.