Oscar by Bailey Bradford

Title: Oscar

Series: Leopard’s Spots 02

Author: Bailey Bradford

Genre: Shifter, Paranormal

Length: Novel (155pgs)

Publisher: Total E-Bound (26th March 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: One sexy wolf is determined to show a grouchy kitty just how perfect they are for each other.

Oscar Travis has always been different, and not just because he’s a snow leopard shifter. Petite and pretty in a family where even the women are bigger and stronger than he is, Oscar has been protected by them except the times when no one could keep him safe. When he had to take another shifter’s life to protect his own family, Oscar’s world became a scarier place, at least in his head, not that he’s going to let his family know that. He will, however, help his dad Henry hunt down the cougar shifter who is trying to destroy one of Oscar’s own, his brother-in-law, Lyndon.

Which is why Oscar finds himself in San Antonio. Curiosity-always Oscar’s potential downfall-is the reason he’s in one of the city’s biggest gay nightclubs. And it’s his bad luck that he is cornered by four obnoxious shifters who are out to ruin his night. Josiah Baker has other plans for Oscar, plans of mates and forever, but once he makes sure his kitten is safe, he’s ditched like a two dollar whore. Good thing he’s a shifter too, and a determined one who doesn’t shy away from Oscar’s attitude. He sees the hurting man behind the pretty façade, and no one is going to keep him and Oscar from the happy ending they deserve.

Unless the cougar shifter Oscar was hunting has anything to say about it. Then Oscar and Josiah’s ending will be painful and in the immediate future.

Reader Advisory: This book is part of a series and is best read in sequence.

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Review: Oscar lands in a bit of trouble when he visits a nightclub and a bouncer who thinks he’s coming to Oscar’s rescue doesn’t help. Josiah finds his mate in the little kitty shifter, but he keeps getting brushed off.  Oscar has an attitude about large men who try to take control, but with Josiah he might have met his match.

A well written story that continues with the story-line from Leopard’s Spots 01- Levi. Oscar has forever been protected by his family because he is smaller.  He had a hard time at school with bullying and he just feels like he is a misfit and has developed a hard external shell. Josiah might be an Alpha, but even he knows that he doesn’t stand much of a chance against his mate unless he can convince Oscar that he doesn’t see him as a misfit and there is nothing wrong with him.

I really liked this one, because although Oscar felt the mating pull he refused to give into it straight away and he also feels unsure of how Josiah will feel about him killing someone. The dynamics of Oscar’s and Josiah’s relationship was more even balanced with both men treating each other as though they are equals, with Oscar being slightly more Alpha than Josiah.  The sex between them is really hot and erotic and again the dynamics are equal between them.

Oscar struggles to face what he did in the first book and he has a hard time believing that he won’t snap and do it again.  Believing that he is turning into a monster, we get a good feel for what he is going through and the support that Josiah offers him. They are great characters and fit well together and the supporting characters are good, I really enjoyed the banter that Lyndon’s brothers brought into the book and there are a few surprises from them as well.

So if you love shifters, hot men, hot sex, twists, semi betrayal, dominate men, twisted guilt and a happy ending then I recommend that this book is for you.


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