Out of the Ashes by Ari McKay ~ Audiobook

Title: Out of the Ashes

Series: Asheville Arcana 01

Author: Ari McKay

Narrator: Andrew McFerrin

Genre: Paranormal, Shape shifters

Length: 5 hrs 47 mins

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (25th October 2017)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: In their differences, they’ll find strength – and love.
Alpha werewolf Eli Hammond returns from a fishing trip to discover a nasty surprise – five members of his pack murdered and the rest missing. He needs help locating and rescuing his pack mates, but the supernatural council in Asheville, North Carolina, turns him away.

Except for one man.

As they work together, Eli is stunned – and not especially thrilled – to discover half-elf Arden Gilmarin is his destined mate. But as Arden and his friends struggle to help Eli in his quest, Eli surrenders to the demands of his body – and his heart. They’ll need to bond together, because the forces opposing them are stronger and more sinister than anyone predicted. The evil has its sights set on Arden, and if Eli wants to save his mate and the people he is entrusted with protecting, he’s in for the fight of his life.

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Reviewer: Prime

Review: This is yet another book which I’ve read but couldn’t resist the audio, in fact, I was looking forward to the audio. It certainly helped that I am quickly becoming a fan of the narrator, Andrew McFerrin. He’s definitely in my top three of narrators, I loved the tone he gave the characters and the emotion he added to the plot line just using his excellent voice.

Out of the Ashes is the first book in McKay’s Asheville Arcana series and the first book of the Dreamspun Beyond imprint, which is contemporary romance with a paranormal twist.
From start to finish, this was an engaging and sexy romance, with a hot shape shifter wolf alpha. I’m a sucker for soul mates/fated mates and the hard road to their HEA.

Eli Hammond is a strong and sexy alpha wolf, who comes home from a brief getaway to find his pack in disarray. He needs help and it seems that no one is willing to help. That is all except half-elf Arden Gilmarin. As soon as they meet its fate – these guys are meant to be. Well, for Eli anyway, Arden can’t recognize that Eli is his mate but is determined to help the wolf shifter all the same. However, he struggles to come to terms with having a mate and actually being able to accept his mate while helping Eli find his kidnapped pack members.

Eli and Arden have wonderful chemistry together. I love that Eli is a growling, grumpy alpha wolf that needs love in his life, especially after the kidnapping of his pack members. Arden is a total sweetheart, he is totally caring and loving once he comes to terms with his mating. He is a totally positive sort of person that Eli needs in his life. Arden is yin to Eli’s yang.

I am so glad that this is the first book in the Asheville Arcana series, because I absolutely fell in love with Arden’s best friends and confidants, Julian and Whimsy. In a lot of ways Julian and Whimsy are the heroes to this story and I want to hear their stories and hope they find their respective mates and get a sweet and sexy HEA! Too much to ask for? I hope not.