Peter and the Wolf by J. Rose Allister

jra-peterandthewolfTitle: Peter and the Wolf

Author: J. Rose Allister

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novel (225pgs)

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (21st March 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2 ½ – 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Peter is up for a coveted job at Wellington Enterprises, and when he catches the eye of the brutally sexy Jarred Wellington, he wins a far more seductive position than he ever dreamed.

Jarred is helping his father fix their struggling business when the annoyingly gorgeous Peter Andrews arrives to screw up his plans. Peter is the one, the werewolf mate whose appearance is a harbinger that the current alpha, Jarred’s father, is about to die.

Jarred has no intention of giving in to fate, but the inescapably erotic mate-bonding process has begun—and Drew Wellington is not the only one in danger. Secrets about Peter are about to be revealed, even to himself. A rival wolf with an old claim and a new plan unleashes an alpha transformation Peter cannot control. Saving Drew and claiming Jarred will mean learning to tame the power of the wolf.

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Review: Peter is all set for an interview for a coveted job, when he catches the eye of the boss’s son and nearly gets turfed out on his ear. Jarred is shocked when he first sets eyes on Peter, but at his father’s (Drew) urging accepts the other man. Peter is about to be confronted with his new future, a future that will change his life forever. But, with Jarred by his side anything is possible. Both Peter and Jarred might be able to circumvent fate and save Drew and put a stop to the wolf who is laying claim to Peter. But, just who is the Alpha between them?

This story has some great ideas, but the execution was weak. Peter has no clue what he is walking into when he goes for an interview. Meeting the Wellington’s is about to shake the foundations of his life. Jarred never wants to meet his mate, because he knows it heralds his father’s death and the last thing he wants is to lose his father. When Jarred and Peter meet and their hands meet the connection is made. Jarred thinks that all he has to do now is keep an eye on his dad and keep him out of danger, but Peter reacts strangely and they discover that Peter has a secret of his own that Peter didn’t even know.

Jarred and Peter are great characters who both battle to be top dog. Their connection is primal and passionate and the sex is explosive and hot. They both hurtle head long into their mating, even when they want to hold back. They both have a lot on their plates, with Jarred worried about his dad, discovering his mate and trying to keep the business afloat. Peter has to cope with his sudden discovery of shifters, the secret about himself and the Alpha wolf who wants him. They both have to deal with the urge to mate and they have to work together to keep Drew safe and to keep Peter out of the hands of the Alpha wolf.  

When I read the blurb I expected the book to have more of a corporate setting, but other than Peter and Jarred meeting at work and some vague mentionings about the business being in trouble, the setting of the story is mainly outside. I liked how the shifters were though. they are much more primal and back to basic shifters, with the moon being the main influence and with the human sides keeping a very tight rein on the wolves. The actual relationship between Peter and Jarred is a very basic want/need with no emotional connection developing between them, but the whole storyline is set over just a few days so there was no real time for them to progress with it.

I will recommend this story to those who love passionate paranormals, a touch of danger, an interesting storyline, hot men, even hotter sex and a very happy ending.          


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