Pleasure of Two Dragons by Marcy Jacks

pleasureoftwodragonsTitle: Pleasure of Two Dragons
Series: Mating Season, #3
Author: Marcy Jacks
Genre: MMM Ménage a Trois/ Paranormal Shape-shifter
Length: 114 pages
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc. (January 31, 2016)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½ Hearts
Blurb: Cloud Martin was chosen by the lottery to be given to wealthy dragon shifters—whether he likes it or not. He doesn’t have a choice, and there will be consequences if he tries to back out.
Warriors Deimos and Krakken have been searching for their third for a long time, and something is different this year. They’re bodies are reacting to something that can only be the lust for a mate. They find Cloud as he is about to be taken advantage of in the halls, and are barely in time to stop it.

Cloud quickly learns Deimos and Krakken are not like he thought dragons would be. They’re kind and considerate, and the pleasure they have to give him is monumental. Cloud is happy to lose his virginity to them, but when someone in the tower tries to kill Cloud, their mating season might have a little hiccup, and his mates might fly into an unstoppable rage because of it.

Note: This book contains double anal penetration.

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Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This is the third book in the Mating Season series.

Warrior dragons Deimos and Krakken have been searching for their third and all but given up never finding him. At the lottery this year something was different as the summer event began.

Cloud Martin entered the lottery and was chosen. He’s a nervous hopeful young man who doesn’t want to be passed around to any dragon. I was surprised that two dragons were able to manipulate and lie to a human to get them in bed with no repercussions. It seems deceitful and underhanded to me.

The people in charge of the tower should set up some rules for the dragons as they do for the humans as in my opinion it’s not fair that the dragons can do whatever they want but if the humans are scared and don’t want to go through with it they are literally branded and thrown in prison.

I really liked how Deimos and Krakken took the time to make sure Cloud was ready after what happened. I was disappointed in the book bringing up something that happened only to leave the question of who and why unanswered.

Aside from that it is a great read with hot sex.

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