Pop Goes the Weasel by Stephen Osborne

Title: Pop Goes the Weasel

Author: Stephen Osborne

Genre: Humor, Contemporary, Comedy

Length: Novel (198pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (10th August 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Patrick Weasley, aka Weasel, is a fun-loving college student with a wealthy homophobic jerk stepfather and a best friend, Jake Winston, who’s just as gay as Weasel. When Jake’s aunt dies, many from the publishing world—including Jasper, Weasel’s weasel of a stepfather—gather at Winston Manor for the reading of the will, and Weasel is obligated to tag along.

Turns out all he has to do is three things: 1) swap the wills so Jake’s uncle inherits the house instead of the gardener, who’s also an old enemy of Weasel’s; 2) secure a publishing contract from author Cecily Talbot; and 3) hook Jake up with his deceased aunt’s male nurse. But what he ends up doing is 1) falling for Tony, one of the food servers; 2) accidentally affiancing himself to Cecily; and 3) fighting with Jake, who thinks he was making a play for the nurse.

To make matters worse, every time Weasel and Tony start to get intimate, Jasper is right around the corner. So when burglars come to steal a valuable piece of art, Weasel must 1) use all his ingenuity to keep the painting safe; 2) dis-engage himself from Cecily; 3) unite Jake with the nurse; and most importantly, 4) pursue Tony to an elusive happy ending.

Purchase Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=3160

Review: Weasel is dragged to a country house by not only his best friend Cap, but also his step-father (who for forever more shall be referred to as stepmonster) to do favors for them. While at the house he is drawn (manipulated) into more shenanigans by Cap’s uncle. But Weasel meets Tony, a servant, who he is interested in getting to know better, but, with Weasel’s luck, a category of errors and misunderstandings occur which lead to fight’s, jealousy, a mistaken engagement and interrupting a burglary. Will Weasel be able to set all to rights and get his happy ending?

This is a very amusing story that will touch your funny bone several times as we spend a long weekend with Weasel. Weasel and Cap are both required to stay at Cap’s great-aunts estate for the reading of her will, but Weasel is drawn into doing favours for others, in the course of doing the favors though, Weasel’s luck just isn’t going his way and it leads to several humorous events. Throughout all that Weasel is trying to do, he meets Tony, the sexy servant, but nothing is going quite his way and his attempts to woo Tony are repeatedly interrupted.

So what can I really say about the characters in this book? Weasel is a bit of a frivolous but lovable character, he seems to spend most of his time drinking and sleeping and attracting trouble, Cap is harder to define but he seems very highly strung (or maybe Weasel makes him that way), Tony seems to be a very sweet character and Weasel is a whirlwind that will sweep him away. All the other characters add a great deal to this book with all of their quirks and make for a very interesting amusing story.

The storyline is funny and will keep you reading even if it is just to discover what disaster Weasel gets into next, watching his 1.) disastrous attempts to fix his friend up, 2.)romance the guy that he desires, 3.)switch the wills, 4.) avoid the gardener/cop, 5.) get chased with a mallet, 6.)stop some bungling burglars, and 7.)break the engagement with Cecily, is very amusing and I am sure I have left out other disasters that befall Weasel.

I will recommend this to those who want a great story that will leave you giggling, having characters that just seem to attract trouble, characters that do get the men they want and the beginning of something special between Weasel and Tony.




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