Prodigal Wolf by L.E. Franks and Sara York

18334314Title: Prodigal Wolf     

Author: L.E. Franks & Sara York     

Genre: Paranormal     

Length: Novel (199pgs)    

Publisher: MLR Press (15th August 2013)   

Heat Level: Explicit     

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3½ – 4 Hearts  

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb: Carlo has a problem, after years away he’s finally returned to his South Carolina roots – but instead of peace and quiet all he’s found are nosy wolves, romancing twinks, an out of control roommate threatening to expose them all, and a demanding Alpha who just won’t go away.

All his Alpha wants is to show Carlo who he really is, and where he belongs. But Carlo Montefiore is a man fighting his instincts, memories, and responsibilities. His beachside home was supposed to provide sanctuary, but pack politics, unruly roommates, and human neighbors at risk of discovering that shifters exist, are making life anything but peaceful. Twinks Kevin and Grady have their own problems. Two college freshmen are no match for a couple of hot wolves who like to play chase. If they don’t stop playing games they’ll miss the biggest thing to happen in their young lives—love.     

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Review: Carlo is an Alpha wolf but he was sent away from his pack when he was forced to go to a college, now he has returned but he turns his back on the responsibility of the pack like they turned their backs on him. Angelo has had to look after the pack as the only other Alpha, but now with Carlo finishing college he can hand over the reins and think about his career in the military, what Angelo never counted on was Carlo refusing the Alpha role and staying away from the pack. Kevin and Grady are humans who are reconnecting their friendship with a holiday at the beach, falling in with a couple of wolves proves to be an interesting time and forces them to confront their feelings for each other. 

This is a very cool book that has a couple of different story threads that blend together to make for a very interesting read. Carlo is bitter, Angelo is angry and neither man will step back. While Angelo was following Carlo’s fathers instructions, he inadvertently drove the younger wolf away, now Carlo wants nothing to do with either him or the pack. Carlo has started his own small pack with two friends, living by the beach but his friends are still young wolves who can’t keep it in their pants. Joey and Ted set their sights on their new neighbors and nearly end up in sever trouble during a party. 

Well, there is a lot going on in this story that grabs your attention, there are some mysteries that need to be solved and some very deep hurt feelings that might never be repaired. Okay, well… hmmm where to start, well for the last several years Angelo has been the Alpha of the Montefiore pack looking after it for the true Alpha while he is in college… unfortunately he didn’t handle it properly and Carlo thinks he has been forced out of the pack so Angelo could have it to himself. Angelo has an attraction to Carlo, and Carlo has an attraction to Angelo but Carlo is very bitter and their dealings are angry and bitter. Ted is a wolf from a different pack but his background is a mystery, Joey grew up with Carlo and is a complete horn-dog. Kevin and Grady are two cute guys who just happen to be staying next door to the wolves. 

I found this story to be intriguing but packed with confusion as to what is going on. There is very little page time between Carlo and Angelo and what there is, is confrontational and angry, and you can’t help feel that if Angelo had handled things differently years before, then he wouldn’t be having the problems he is now dealing with. Carlo is bitter and it is blinding his future, you can understand why he felt abandoned but his hurt is driving him. There’s some pack politics that emerge that I am sure we will get a clearer picture of as the series continues, but for now we are left with questions and a rough direction of where the story is going. The only thing that I really couldn’t work out was the involvement of Kevin and Grady in the story, yes they made a great side story and their involvement produced some really hot sex, but other than their involvement with the wolves making them confront their feelings for each other, it didn’t really expand the storyline. 

I recommend this to those who love shifters, confrontation, bitter feelings, pack politics, explosive sex, and a twisty ending that leaves you intrigued and wanting more.