Rainy Days by Victoria Zagar

16171560Title: Rainy Days

Author: Victoria Zagar

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (217pgs)

Publisher: Victoria C. Zagar

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: When Michael Williams helps stranded motorist Ashley Fallow, little does he know Ash will make him question everything he’s been taught about what a man should want. Michael’s a married man, though – not the greatest partner for a man like Ash who just wants to settle down.

The chemistry between them is undeniable and leads to a one-night-stand, which soon blossoms into a full blown love-affair. Michael struggles to keep his family afloat while seeing Ash on the side. Ash brings some baggage of his own to the relationship; secrets that could draw them closer or drive Michael away.

Torn between his family and the man he loves, Michael must choose between them or risk losing everything. But it’s not so easy to just leave his stormy marriage when his seven-year-old daughter Taryn smiles up at him. His wife Michelle may be selfish at times, but she genuinely loves Michael despite their problems. Ash is ready to leave for California if Michael can’t commit. Michael knows somebody will get hurt, but it’s too late to walk away. He knows he must face up to his feelings and the consequences if he’s to achieve any real happiness, but that’s easier said than done in small-town America.

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Review: Michael is trapped in a miserable marriage, his daughter Taryn is the only reason he stays, but one rainy day he meets the man of his dreams, Ash. Now, Michael has choices to make that will rock the foundation of his family. Ash just longs for someone to love. When he meets Michael he had no intention of getting involved with a married man, but the connection between them is just too much and Ash falls in love with Michael. Michael has choices to make as he gets pulled apart by his responsibilities, the only thing he fears is losing his daughter and his wife won’t play nice. Ash has choices of his own to make … can Ash really break up a marriage for his own happiness?

This is a very hard story to read if you hate cheating, especially cheating when there is a child involved. The characters, Michael and Ash, are very hard to like for the first half of the book because of the sneaking around and lies being told, but the second half of the book, after the secrets come out, they actually make a great couple. The storyline is pretty basic; a married man who is bisexual and doesn’t love his wife anymore, only staying in the relationship for the sake of his daughter. he meets a man who he falls in love with and he struggles with what he should do. stay with the wife for the daughter’s sake or go to his love and risk losing his daughter?

Both Ash and Michael are good solid characters, getting to know them is hard because of the cheating, it clouds your judgment, but both of them are fundamentally good men. I must admit that I found some of the plot to be too much, nobody dances with death that much. The sex between them is hot, but their relationship gets built on love and hard trials, it is far from easy for Michael and Ash, but Michael’s parents surprise him with their support.

I will recommend this to those who love difficult beginnings, can accept a cheating spouse, difficult trials, deep love and a really good ending.  



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