Rendezvous with Hymera by Melinda De Ross

Melinda_DeRoss333x500Title: Rendezvous with Hymera

Author: Melinda De Ross

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 94 pages

Publisher: Front Porch Romances (June 21, 2013)

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Heat Level: Low

Blurb: Rendezvous with Hymera follows the development of a beautiful love story and a bizarre chain of events, which lead to the investigation of a mystery that falls into a strange and somewhat paranormal discipline – Yoga.

The amateurish investigation starts when Clara DeVine changes her plans for a vacation and ends up in a strange place, where strange things happen. In the scene enters Colin Lambert, a special man from Clara’s past. Their attempts to elucidate the intriguing mystery bring them close again and the unfinished business between them turns into a beautiful and hot love story.
The fate of the female enigma of this story seems to resemble in a strange way that of the people inexplicably lost during The Philadelphia Experiment.

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Reviewer: Cat

Review: Clara is on vacation and is led to a strange place. She immediately makes friends with the other guests and in town runs into a man from her past, the one that she still dreams of. She sees strange things on the lake and Colin is more than happy to help her unravel the mystery.

This story had a lot of premise as both a romance and a supernatural mystery. For me it fell a bit flat with too much colorful description that added nothing at all to the story. There were many things that were skimmed over and a bit unbelievable like how her and Colin meet up after all these years and immediately are in bed and in love. The mystery was fabulous and intriguing but skimmed over a bit. This story would have been amazing with a bit more detail on the characters’ lives and less surrounding description. It is a sweet romantic read with a happy ending for a hot afternoon.

Recommendation: if you like sweet romance with a touch of mystery and supernatural and lots of colorful descriptions of surroundings this one is for you.

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