Rob Roy by H. Lewis-Foster

IF_RobRoyTitle: Rob Roy
Series: Intoxicating Fantasies, #2
Author: H Lewis-Foster
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: Novella (59 pages)
Publisher: Amber Allure, Amber Quill Press (16 April 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Blurb: Museum curator Aiden has thoroughly enjoyed his six-month placement in Australia, but he’s looking forward to going home to Edinburgh in a few weeks’ time. He’s surprised when he’s offered a permanent job in Canberra, and although he loves life down under, he hates the thought of moving away from his family and friends.

While struggling to make a decision about his future, Aiden stumbles upon a bar oddly named Aidan’s Intoxicating Fantasy. Unable to curb his curiosity, he enters the establishment and drinks the Rob Roy cocktail the bartender named Solomon puts in front of him. Shortly afterward, he meets Brad, an impetuous young chef.

Brad invites him back to his apartment for dinner, and Aiden cautiously accepts. He doesn’t usually go home with strangers, but he breaks his rule for the handsome redhead. Over the next hours and days, Aiden breaks more of his rules for Brad, who relishes life as much as the fabulous food he cooks.

But after a fantastic time with Brad, Aiden is more torn than ever about his future. Will he stay with a man he barely knows or leave for his beloved home city?

ISBN: 978-1-68175-004-0

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Reviewer: Prime

Review: A hot Scotsman out of place… quite honestly, this had me at Scotsman. This is a fun read and part of Amber Quill Press’s Intoxicating Fantasies series, although it is a standalone book. The premise of these books is a bit Hotel California, mysterious bar pops up and helps gives the lonely guy his fantasy, leading to his HEA.

I found myself quickly drawn into Aiden’s story. He loves his work but doesn’t like so much that he is away from his beloved Edinburgh and stuck in Canberra, Australia. I don’t mean stuck in a bad way, but five months in a country is going to make anyone homesick.

Then again, Canberra isn’t really the typical Australian city to pop up in a book either. After drinking a Rob Roy (the recipe is at the end, looks yummy!) he soon meets Brad, an Aussie who does not take life for granted. This story goes to show when you meet the right one, magic happens.

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