Ryland’s Inferno by Giovanna Reaves

Title: Ryland’s Inferno

Series: Pryde Shifter 02

Author: Giovanna Reaves

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, MPreg

Length: Novel (383 pages)

Publisher: Giovanna Reaves (July 27, 2018)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: He ran because of fear, but was found because of love. . .

The moment Blayze McKnight joins the Pryde Pack he knows it is only a matter of time before everyone finds out that he is not what he claims to be. Being the last of his kind, Blayze was never taught the way of the dragon. Because the man he wants he can never claim as his. After shifting into his true form to save the man he deeply cares for, he runs. Fear of being rejected Blayze turns his back on the friends and the pack he once called home. And giving up on ever finding his Draco Corde. His dragon heart.

Ryland Burnett has never been wrong before, especially when he follows his gut. The day he met Blayze McKnight he knew the man belonged completely to him. And they are mates for life. After being injured in a fight, he wakes up in the hospital expecting to see his mate by his side, only to hear the man is gone. Ryland wastes no time and goes in search of his soul mate.

Finding Blayze is the easy part, but what happens next neither expected. Will Ryland and Blayze’s love be strong enough for what they face next?

ISBN: B07F1H27Z1

Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: When Blayze was about six years old, his parents were murdered and he was told to run. Hungry, tired he decided to hide out inside an old barn where he was found by a sweet couple and raised as their own. He had a very big secret that he couldn’t tell any one about, that he was a dragon shifter. As he got older he lived with a great pack but feared they would find out what he had been hiding from them all. He was the last living dragon, or so he thought.

Ryland had been in love with the doc for quite sometime and knew that the man was his mate. To bad he couldn’t get Blayze to accept it and him. Then he was injured and saved by the man, and boy had they been in shock. A pack is in danger and they needed both Ryland and Blayze, but what they find will definitely be worth it.

I have always loved dragon shifter’s and this book gave them to me. It is a very unique story line with a few quirks to it. I don’t really care for what they are called but only because it is just different. Some of them are a bit hard to say but hey the characters rock. Excitement, danger, adventure, twists and turns, plus some hot sexy times are just a bit of what you get in this book.

I had a blast reading it and look forward in to getting the next book, lets just hope it is not a long wait between them. I would definitely recommend it.

Post Author: Lisa

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