Sam’s Story: It’s Good for Your Health by Dylan Joseph

Title: Sam’s Story: It was good, good for my health

Author: Dylan Joseph

Genre: LGBT literature, poetry

Length: Novel (209 pages) (poetry)

Publisher: Self-published

Heat Level: Mild

Heart Rating: ♥ 1 Heart

Blurb: When Dylan agreed to take a trip with his mom to a South Carolina campground, he wasn’t expecting much—until he met Sam, the lifeguard at the indoor pool. From that moment on, Dylan and Sam are thrust into a roller coaster of self-discovery. For them, even life’s most ordinary moments—brushing one’s teeth, playing a game of basketball, watching the sky—become precious. Sam’s Story is a poetic and heart melting read. Sam’s Story is more than a love story. It is about being human, it is about listening to our own crazy thoughts. It is about our own fears, how we deal with our emotions, and how we navigate through life. It is a reminder that love is possible for everyone. No matter the struggle being gay can be, you will pull through. You will find love. You will meet the guy you are destined to meet. And you will feel so good.

ISBN-10: 1539681300
• ISBN-13: 978-1539681304

Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Napoleon A. Chase

Review: Within the first sixty seconds, I am filled with reviewer’s remorse.

The book started with an out-of-place Chinese proverb to backdrop a couple of white gay guys, followed by a shock value reference to gas chambers that’s apparently supposed to be funny.

The blurb described this book as “poetic”. Which led me to think, “a’ight, one of the protagonists are hardcore romantics”. I hadn’t realized that meant “this book is actually supposed to be an experimental poem format”. Blurb does not at all meet the expectations it sells at all.

I like poetry, but this reads like trying too hard to sound clever rather than the succinct, deep descriptions of life that he seems to be aiming for.

I got to “chapter” two, skimmed to get a heat rating, and never picked the book back up.

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