Scratch Me, Bite Me, Love Me by Shawn Bailey

91ap6wpg-NL._SL1500_Title: Scratch Me, Bite Me, Love Me


Author: Shawn Bailey


Genre: Paranormal, Shifter


Length: Novella (123 pages)


Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (9th October 2012)


Heat Level: Explicit


Heart Rating:♥♥♥3HEarts


Reviewer: Pixie


Blurb: Investigative reporter Ian Jackson thought he’d seen just about everything until he happens upon a young man skinny-dipping in a pond in the woods. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Ian enjoys taking the gorgeous man’s picture—secretly—until four wolves interrupt the forbidden fun. Moments later, both the blond cutie and the wolves disappear.


Blaise Durant was having a ball allowing the handsome photographer to take his picture, until his brother Buckley and a couple of his cousins showed up and ruined everything. Things don’t get any better for him when his older brother Corbin, the leader of the local Loup Garou, finds out what happened. Corbin forbids Blaise to ever see the photographer again. Blaise has never listened to Corbin before. What makes him think he’s going to start now?


Blaise wants Ian so bad he can taste him, but will quenching his thirst put the entire Loup Garou nation in jeopardy?


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Review: Ian Jackson has been hired for a tourist project, but while filming the local wildlife he comes a young man skinny-dipping in a pond. What shocks him even further is when four wolves appear. Wolves aren’t known in the area. But before Ian can do anything, the young man and wolves disappear. It isn’t long before Ian discovers a world he never knew about, but what can he do when the man he lusts after turns out to be truly his. Blaise doesn’t want to mate with a female. He wants the sexy photographer who took his photo at the pond. But when their worlds collide and Ian is placed in danger, just what will Blaise do?


This novella has a very good premise, is well written, and has an interesting collection of Loup Garou. Blaise hates the restrictions that his older brother is always placing on him. He also hates that his brother is trying to get him to mate with a female, when all he wants is a man. Blaise sets his sights on Ian, but there are many obstacles in his way. Least of which, is Ian taking photos of things he shouldn’t. Ian is fascinated by the man he sees at the pond, but he has a job to do and if that job just happens to take him to that young man all the better. But he discovers something that should be kept hidden and places himself in danger. Both these characters are fun to get to know and they keep you reading.


I thought this story was quite good. Blaise’s determination to stand against his brother is good and Ian’s hope of romancing Blaise is cute. Their romance was a bit slip shod though and left a lot to be desired. I liked the idea of different Loup Garou. But it was quite confusing of what the structure actually was because nobody seemed to take it seriously. Just doing what they wanted with no fear of reprisals. The one thing that threw me, though, was that nobody did anything to punish the cougars that attacked Ian, and Ian let it slide.  


I will recommend this to those who love shifters, hot sex, good characters, hidden secrets discovered and a happy ending.