Scratch & Sniff by J. L. O'Faolain

Scratch&SniffLGTitle: Scratch & Sniff
Series: No More Heroes 02
Author: J.L. O’Faolain
Genre: Science Fiction, Mystery
Length: Novel (216pgs)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (30th January 2013)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Reviewer: Pixie
Blurb: Being a hero has its drawbacks.
Real-life superhero Push knows that better than anyone. When the Cape Cabinet decided to boost their numbers and commissioned the release of Wrath, a former supercriminal, Push and his best friend, Scratch, got the arduous assignment of rehabilitating Wrath and showing him heroism’s ropes.
Now all three are stuck in Shove Point, Arkansas, lying in wait for one of Wrath’s evil villain ex-buddies. Between the mysterious plane crash in the center of town and the spacecraft that self-destructed, Shove Point is weird enough. Then the utterly straight Scratch suddenly professes his undying love for Push.
As the situation heats up—between him and Scratch and in Shove Point—Push decides to call in reinforcements. Giant robots stomping all over the small town do not help matters, nor does a rampaging cyborg, nor Push’s unresolved attraction to Wrath. Then they discover there’s a mole in the Real-Life Superhero association. Whatever their differences, the newly formed team must put aside their baggage and work together to prevent an even greater tragedy.
Review: This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Push, Scratch and Wrath are stuck in Shove Point trying to find an escaped supercriminal, Pranksta Gayngsta, and a wanted supervillain, Sloth, but things still aren’t going their way and having giant metal monsters and alien slime, as well as a strange pod to find means they call in help from their friends. Too many things happening in Shove Point and the experimental equipment they find, points to a mole in the Real-Life Superhero association.
This story continues from where Push Comes To Shove ended (if you ignore the epilogue). The story broadens in this installment of No More Heroes, we see Push and Scratch come to an understanding between them, they are still trying to capture Sloth and more things crawl out of the woodwork which means they call in a friend to help them. In the last book the team had aliens to deal with, well in this one they have metal monsters to contend with. We get to know more of the superheroes in the shape of Professor Trixter, Wiccan Witch and Scarlet Queen and we discover a little bit more about the main characters Scratch, Push and Wrath.
I enjoyed this story for the simple reason that it was a complex storyline, and it is looking to get even more involved and complex as time goes on. Push and Scratch and their relationship is moving forward even with Push’s doubts about Scratch’s feelings, so there is much questioning in Push’s mind, especially because Scratch is straight. We also see confusion in what the men have gotten into just by being at Shove Point, everything seems to be happening at once and there is no end to the strangeness that heads their way. Their bosses seem to be ignoring the aliens and they discover that people are being lied to, and pinning Sloth down isn’t as easy as they hoped.
The relationship between Scratch and Push begins to move forward and we see some hot scenes between them, although Push tries to hold back at first because of his fears. The storyline and plot really begins to pick up and I can honestly say I haven’t got the foggiest idea where it’s headed… I can’t wait to find out though. I have to warn readers that if you are hoping for answers, then all you will find is more questions, and doubts, *sigh* just when you think that maybe you are getting a handle on what is happening, something happens to throw you off kilter. I must admit that the epilogues to these books leaves me guessing, who are these men? What part do they have to play? And most importantly when will we find out?
I have to recommend this to those who love superheroes, great characters, metal monsters, incredible situations and a storyline that leaves you guessing.

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  1. Thanks Pixie! Glad you enjoyed it. There may be a few answers in the next book, though I won’t tell you what or which ones.

    Because I’m just mean that way.

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